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fangocur for Gastritis
Use fangocur to Eliminate Acute Gastritis, Chronic Gastritis and Stomach Ulcers

Effective in the treatment of gastritis (stomach inflammation) and  peptic ulcers
Uniquely effective against gastritis and peptic ulcers
Rebalances the stomach environment – the gastritis fades away
Mix with water, wait 10 minutes and drink
For the treatment of gastritis and peptic ulcers
Drink twice per day - in the morning and evening
Reduces inflammation related to peptic ulcers and gastritis
The fango healing clay contained in Bentomed kills harmful bacteria and micro-organisms
An effective treatment for gastritis or peptic ulcers must address the deeper reasons for the development of the condition.

Causes of Gastritis and Peptic Ulcers

An inconsistent diet and poor nutrition, a weak immune system (for example from smoking or alcoholism), the long-term use of certain medications (e.g. some pain medications or anti-inflammatories) as well as lasting and unresolved stress can all lead to dysfunctional function of the stomach.

This can result in a mismatch between the stomach acid and the stomach's natural mechanisms for protecting itself. When this happens, the stomach wall can be attacked by the stomach acid and this can lead to the development of an inflammation, also known as gastritis. If this inflammation goes untreated, it can lead to a local defect in the lining of the stomach (i.e. a peptic ulcer). Bacteria can play a large role in the development of both gastritis and peptic ulcers. It has been found that the bacteria Helicobacter pylori is responsible for more than 75% of cases of gastritis and peptic ulcers.

Bentomed from fangocur.healthprehensively treats the root cause of gastritis and stomach ulcers. 

Bentomed is Dependable and 100% Natural

Many medical professionals already treasure the healing power of fango, a high-mineral volcanic healing clay, for the treatment of gastritis and peptic ulcers. It is a well-known natural remedy that has been recognised for years for how well it works. Bentomed from fangocur contains this natural fango healing clay in the purest form available – it is carefully prepared (without heating) to preserve the valuable ingredients, and the concentrated healing water it contains only helps the healing effects. Bentomed also contains barley grass, rich in vital nutrients, as well as naturally pure herbal essences that have a soothing effect on the stomach and intestinal tract.

The natural fango healing clay contained in the Bentomed addresses the root of the problem and provides fast and dependable relief.

fangocur Bentomed is medically recognised to be an effective treatment for gastritis and peptic ulcers

The healing effects of Bentomed for gastritis and peptic ulcers has been medically recognised and has received a medical/balneological endorsement from the Vienna Medical University (under the direction of Professor Wolfgang Marktl, 2006). In addition, Bentomed undergoes regular stringent testing to ensure quality.

How does Bentomed work?

The unique healing clay (Gossendorf fango, from a volcanic region in the south-east of Austria) which is contained in Bentomed is made up of important ingredients like silica, sulphur, electrolytes and minerals. These serve to quickly reduce the inflammation of the stomach lining. This allows the regeneration and healing of the stomach and the natural neutralisation processes in this acidic environment to take over – that discourages future inflammation. In most cases the Helicobacter pylori bacteria is responsible for the development of the gastritis or peptic ulcer. This and other harmful micro-organisms are eliminated via the anti-microbial effects of fangocur healing clay.  Bentomed additionally contains barley grass to further cleanse the system, providing the body with essential nutrients, along with herbal essences that have a calming effect on the lower digestive system.

Through this comprehensive effect of the healing clay, the acute discomfort caused by gastritis and peptic ulcers quickly fades away. The healing clay kills harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms and neutralises the stomach acid, preventing further painful irritation of the stomach lining. The contents of our healing clay and barley grass (minerals, trace elements, vitamins, enzymes) encourage natural regeneration and regulation of the mucous membrane (i.e. wall) of the stomach and the development of gastritis or peptic ulcers is successfully prevented.

After healing, the reappearance of gastritis and peptic ulcers is prevented.

Bentomed from fangocur is recommended for the treatment of the following conditions (according to endorsement from the Vienna Medical University):

  • Chronic gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining)
  • Duodenal ulcers
  • Peptic ulcers (stomach ulcers)
  • Chronic enteritis (inflammation of the small intestine)
  • Colitis (chronic inflammatory bowel disease)

How to use Bentomed from fangocur

In the morning and in the evening, add a teaspoon of Bentomed (a fine powder) to 1/4 litre water and stir. It's best to let Bentomed to steep for at least 10 minutes as this allows the contents to dissolve into the water; you can also pause while drinking to stir the drink again. You'll find more complete instructions in the package.

You can also do a long-term treatment with fangocur Bentomed. After the first 3 week cycle of daily use, pause for a week. You can then repeat the 3 week treatment cycle. We recommend doing this longer program 2 or 3 times per year as a preventative measure after the condition is completely resolved.

If you're already taking prescription medication(s), we do not recommend that you stop. Instead, use the fangocur Bentomed drink in addition to the treatment advised by your physician. Bentomed has absolutely no side effects, but should in this case be used an hour or more before or after you take your prescribed medication. This is due to the powerful detoxifying effects of the fango clay.

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