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Help for Chronic Pain
Warmed Fango Sheets effectively lessen or eliminate the pain
Warmed Fango Sheets effectively lessen or eliminate the pain
Bentomed from fangocur regulates the digestion and encourages the natural elimination of poisons and toxins
Bentomed from fangocur regulates the digestion and encourages the natural elimination of poisons and toxins

Unique and Effective Combination Therapy – Using Natural Healing Clay in the Treatment of Many Chronic Pain Conditions

Unfortunately the idea that many medical conditions can only be treated with strong medications is still all too common. Those who suffer with a rheumatic disorder have limitations to normal range of motion and body pain when the disease 'flares up' and so look to medication for relief. During a more sever phase, this can indeed make good sense. Nonetheless, as soon as the flare-up has passed it's advisable to begin a more comprehensive therapy.

We'd like to offer an alternative way to lessen or eliminate the physical discomfort: a combination therapy using our fango healing clay. It's also an effective means to prevent rheumatic conditions.

The Combination Therapy is an Internal and External Treatment

1. An external treatment with sulphur-rich fango healing clay in easy-to-use mouldable sheets

For the pain related to rheumatic conditions, a warming therapy using fango healing clay can work wonders. The clay is pre-formed into a compressed sheet which holds heat and also conducts heat extremely well. That means that Fango sheets not only stay warm longer, they're also a very effective way to warm the tissue. The soothing therapy can thus be longer and so the heat can penetrate more deeply and evenly. Fango Sheets can be warmed in the oven or microwave.

This unique deep warming effect is only possible with healing clay sheets, and the special ingredients in the natural volcanic clay (sulphur, electrolytes and trace elements) also encourage the healing process. It's a quick and dependable way to reduce or eliminate pain.

Our patented application method (fango healing clay in ready-to-use sheets) makes it possible to simply, comfortably and cleanly use this effective remedy at home.

2. Internal Treatment with Bentomed from fangocur

Digestion can also play a crucial role in rheumatic conditions. The good function of the stomach and intestinal tract is important in the inhibition of inflammatory processes in the body. Bentomed from fangocur normalises the digestion, allowing poisons and toxins to be passed naturally in the stool. In addition to an external therapy using Fango Sheets, an internal therapy is essential in the treatment of rheumatic disorders.

Bentomed from fangocur contains volcanic fango healing clay in the purest form available. It contain sulphur, an effective way to treat inflammation related to rheumatic conditions from the inside.

The combination therapy with Fango Sheets and Bentomed fight rheumatic disorders from inside and out.

The effectiveness of our healing clay has been proven in university research.

The deep warming effectively treats the painful areas (simply warm the Fango Sheet in the oven or microwave).
Special ingredients naturally reduce or eliminate inflammation.
Easy, comfortable and clean enough to use at home.
Internal therapy regulates the digestion, detoxifies the body and inhibits inflammation.

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