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Wrinkles and Aging Skin
Can anything be done about aging skin and wrinkles?

Applying the anti-wrinkle cream from fangocur
You need not cleanse the skin before evenly applying the Anti-Aging Mask
Treating facial wrinkles around the eyes with the fangocur wrinkle cream
A special mix of essential oils and natural healing clay
Fight wrinkles and aging skin, regardless your skin type
Enjoy a gentle peeling effect when you wash off the Mineral Mask
The deep cleansing is noticeable immediately after removing the Anti-Aging Mask
You'll notice the effects immediately – a slight reddening of the skin and a more beautiful and clear complexion

Anti-aging is an overused phrase. There are even new takeoffs such as pro-aging or better-aging. Although a positive spin is often put on the aging process, it's common knowledge that almost everyone struggles to avoid the signs of aging.

The Anti-Aging Mask from fangocur offers a change to slow the aging process of the skin. That's our take on anti-aging.


Natural healing clay is effective against wrinkles and other signs of aging

All skin needs sufficient oxygen and nutrients. The cosmetic industries offers a multitude of products aimed at meeting this need. There's one product to removes toxins, another to remove metabolic waste products and still more to wash away excess oil and sebum from the skin, not to mention the variety of products sold to nourish the skin. Over the course of a lifetime, so much "good" is applied to the skin from the outside. Unfortunately a truly deep cleansing, one that penetrates the layers of the skin and promotes health and healing, is very rare indeed.


What makes the Anti-Aging Mask from fangocur so special?

In contrast to the plethora of products commonly available which fight only one aspect of aging skin, the Anti-Aging Mask from fangocur offers a comprehensive treatment. Our naturally pure fango healing clay is the primary ingredient of the Anti-Aging Mask. The healing clay deeply cleanses the skin, reduces inflammation, increases circulation and normalises the metabolism.

The beneficial effects continue even after the treatment – you'll notice a reddening of the skin which can last for up to an hour. A clearer complexion can be seen immediately as well as healthier colour, softer and younger looking. You'll also notice that the skin is more firm and invigorated.

Wrinkles are lessened or eliminated from within as the skin is regenerated – the ever advancing aging process is slowed.

The Anti-Aging Mask from fangocur with fango healing clay:

deeply cleanses the skin
purifies, detoxifies and inhibits inflammation
normalises the metabolism and increases circulation
improved complexion
noticeably smoothes the skin
promotes beautiful, healthy and younger looking skin

Tip: It's best to use the Anti-Aging Mask from fangocur in the evening just before going to bed. The elimination of toxin can then continue throughout the night.


How does one use the Anti-Aging Mask to fight wrinkles and aging skin?

It's best to use the Mineral Mask in the evening, and you need not clean the skin before. The Anti-Aging Mask from fangocur deep cleans the skin, drawing out bacteria, dirt particles and excess sebum. Use the Mineral Mask once or twice a week to remove environmental toxins as well as metabolic waste products produced by the body. Simply apply the mask and allow it to work 30 minutes, then (ideally) use a natural sponge with fine pores (peeling effect) to remove the Mineral Mask. Following the treatment, feel free to apply a high quality natural moisturiser to the skin.


Tip: Healthy digestion plays a very large role in the maintenance of beautiful skin. In addition to treating the skin with the Mineral Mask, use the Bentomed from fangocur to cleanse and detoxify the digestive system. Through improving digestion and encouraging the natural passing of impurities, the amount of such waste products to be processed by the skin decreases. The skin is thus more able to heal and remain healthy and smooth. Beauty does come from within!

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