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Über fangocur
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Better Digestion
Help for Digestive Problems – A Natural Remedy for Heartburn, Gas, Constipation and Diarrhoea

Effective remedy for heartburn, diarrhoea and gas/flatulence
Bentomed is effective against heartburn, diarrhoea and excess gas
Help for digestive problems - a natural home remedy
Twice per day, simply mix Bentomed with water and drink on an empty stomach
Treat excess gas naturally with fango healing clay
For excess gas, warm a Natural Fango Sheet and apply it to the abdomen

Healthy digestion is essential to good health. Symptoms such as heartburn, flatulence (i.e. gas), constipation and diarrhoea are common early indicators that there is a digestive problem.

Digestion is among the most important of metabolic processes in the human body. At the same time, the digestive system is particularly susceptible to illness, disease and disfunction. The digestive organs (stomach, small intestine, large intestine) can be stressed by poor nutrition, harmful toxins, stress and many other factors. There are a number of digestive disorders – among them heartburn, constipation, excess gas and diarrhoea – and these are some of the most common disease symptoms.

Causes and Treatment Options: Heartburn, Gas, Constipation and Diarrhoea

We would like to inform you about the many causes of digestive disorders such as heartburn, excess gas and bloating, constipation and diarrhoea. In addition you'll find some treatment options for these digestive problems. It's very important to help the digestive system return to normal function, so we've also provided some information about natural remedies.

Ideally, help for the digestive system would have the following characteristics:

  • dependable and effective
  • gentle and free of side effects
  • natural, without any chemical additives

Our Proven Solution: Bentomed from fangocur

Bentomed from fangocur is made from volcanic fango healing clay in its purest and most natural form. You simply mix it with water and drink, ideally twice per day in the morning and evening. You'll notice the positive effects right away.

Fango healing clay is an all-round and versatile remedy due to two important characteristics:

  • the contents, including sulphur, silica, calcium, manganese, iron and many more minerals and trace elements
  • it's absorptive and adsorptive qualities, allowing it to both absorb and bind to toxins and impurities in the gut

The barley grass in Bentomed provides essential nutrients and the naturally pure herbal essences contained work to soothe the digestive system.

Bentomed from fangocur is unique. The fango healing clay it contains has not undergone any sort of heating or special drying process, and this means that the naturally high quantities of minerals and trace elements it contains remain. This allows for a concentrated mineral/water solution which is very helpful to the digestive system.

Please keep in mind that our fango healing clay is no "wellness" or spa treatment. It's been scientifically recognise for its effectiveness in medical/balneological studies conducted by the University of Vienna in 2006. It's a proven natural remedy.

In contrast to many other healing clays, Bentomed is lactose free and contains no nickel!

Using fangocur Bentomed against Heartburn

Pyrosis, more commonly known as heartburn involves the regurgitation of irritating stomach contents into the oesophagus. The cause is excessive acidity in the stomach and/or stomach acid is produce too aggressively. It can then enter and burns the oesophagus; this process is known as acid reflux. The fango healing clay lessens the excessive acidity and normalises stomach activity, binding with the acid and so effectively removing the cause of the problem. That's why Bentomed is so effective against heartburn.


  • Neutralises excessive stomach acid
  • Stops excess production of stomach acid

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Using fangocur Bentomend against Diarrhoea

Fango healing clay acts quickly and naturally to stop diarrhoea. It binds to bile, the very acidic fluid produced by the gal bladder which often plays a role in the onset of diarrhoea. In addition, the movement through the intestines is slowed and fluid is thus more effectively pulled from the gut contents. The end effect is a regulation and normalisation of the activity of the lower digestive system. Diarrhoea can function as a means for the body to eliminate poisons. Fango healing clay supports this cleansing as it works to eliminate harmful bacteria and bind to toxins in the gut. In addition, Bentomed helps the intestinal tract thanks to the essential nutrients it contains while the herbal essences calm the stomach and lower digestive system. For diarrhoea, it may be a good idea to increase the frequency of Bentomed use to every 3-4 hours. In severe cases of diarrhoea, medical attention and treatment is advisable.


  • Promotes fluid removal from stool content
  • Binds bile, the acidic fluid produced by the gal bladder
  • Regulates digestive activity of the intestines
  • Provides vitamins, minerals and trace elements

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Using fangocur Bentomed and Gossendorf Fango Sheets against Excessive Gas

The body can become bloated due to the build-up of excessive and unhealthy gas. Flatulence is excessive gas in the stomach and gut (i.e. small and large intestine). This accumulated gas is can at times be less and at times more – the result is normally discomfort in the lower abdomen. Fango healing clay binds to and so removes the gas thus reducing or eliminating the symptoms related to flatulence (i.e. excess gas or bloating). The fango healing clay also kills harmful bacteria which can produce often foul gas during their metabolic cycle. Due to it's unique properties, fango healing clay is very effective against flatulence, gas and bloating.


  • Binds to intestinal (i.e. gut) gases
  • Reduces amount of gas produced
  • Binds to and removes poisons in the gut

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You can also use the Gossendorf Fango Sheets along with Bentomed to treat gas and bloating. Simply warm the natural volcanic clay sheet and enjoy the healing effects.

Using fangocur Bentomed against Constipation

Fango healing clay works to normalise the environment in the lower digestive system, and this helps to regulate intestinal activity and relieve constipation. The poisons and gases which accumulate due to the constipation are bound and passed in the stool. Bentomed contains small grains which vary in size – it's high in dietary fibre. The many minerals and trace elements activate intestinal gland secretions and thus stimulate digestive action. The normal function of the lower digestive tract will return, and along with it the ability to digest and pass more challenging foods without trouble (constipation, gas and bloating, etc.). Additionally Bentomed contains barley grass that is rich in essential nutrients, helping the digestive system to function better. The essential oils contained are made from herbs of the highest quality; they help to soothe the stomach and intestinal tract.


  • Normalises the environment in the lower digestive system
  • The smaller and larger particles in Bentomed are a source of dietary fibre
  • Binds to poisons and gases in the intestines, allowing them to be easily eliminated
  • Minerals and trace elements stimulate the secretion of intestinal glands
  • Provides essential nutrients

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fangocur Bentomed (for heartburn, constipation, gas and diarrhoea)

fangocur Natural Fango Sheets (as a supplemental treatment for gas and bloating)

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