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fangocur Mouth Spray FRESH

Price: £12.99 

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Item number: 2111
Description: The fangocur Mouth Spray FRESH fights acute bad morning breath as well as bad breath brought on by spicy or strong smelling food and/or drink. It is also effective in the treatment of chronic bad breath and compliments the effects of Bentoforte – both eliminate bacteria in the mouth and throat through their anti-bacterial action.
It is convenient to use before important face to face contact as well as after meals – there's no reason not to always have fresh breath. Fangocur Mouth Spray FRESH is gentle and delivers immediate fresh breath that lasts.

In contrast to commonly available mouth sprays, fangocur Mouth Spray FRESH is 100% natural. It contains no chemical additives, artificial colours or preservatives. The alcohol used is natural and the essential oils it contains are organically produced. It's the all-natural way to have fresh breath. Healthy micro-organisms which live in the mouth are left undisturbed.
Volume: 15ml

Tip: Save over £3 with the fangocur Mouth Spray FRESH Double Pack.
Effects/use: Use the fangocur Mouth Spray FRESH as needed. Simply spray 2-3 times into the mouth – you'll immediately notice an intensive fresh feeling...and the feeling lasts. As it contains only natural ingredients, the healthy micro-organisms which live in the mouth and throat are gently rejuvenated and left unharmed.

INCI (comprehensive list of ingredients):
Aqua, Alcohol, Citrus limonum*, Mentha arvensis, Mentha spicata, Salvia officinalis*, Thymus vulgaris*, Melaleuca alternifolia**, Chamomilla recutita*, Stevia rebaudiana*

* certified organically grown
** grown wild

Water, alcohol (20%), essential oils
Contains no sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

If you're looking for extra fresh breath that lasts even longer or you suffer with extremely bad breath, we recommend fangocur Mouth Spray STRONG.

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