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fangocur Acne Mineral Mask (50ml)

Price: £31.65 

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Item number: 1202
Description: This Mineral Mask for face and body is made from 100% natural Fango healing clay (no chemical additives and no harmful side effects). Use as a complete mask or to treat only areas needing attention: pimples, blackheads, bad skin. Our careful and exact processing method (without heating) maintains the naturally high mineral content. Ingredients: Gossendorf Fango healing clay, water, specially selected natural essential oils. Package size: 50ml = enough for a 14 day treatment (more if you're not applying an entire mask).
Tip: If you're using the Acne Mineral Mask on larger areas, save over £4 when you purchase a Double Pack.
Effects/use: The fangocur Mineral Mask cleanses, reduces inflammation and improves the metabolism of the skin. It is highly effective against acne, pimples, blackheads, rosacea and 'bad skin' in general. The healing effects have been confirmed by a medical/balneotherapy study conducted by the University of Vienna.
How it works: The skin is thoroughly and deeply cleaned, and metabolic waste products are eliminated. Dead skin is removed, metabolism is normalised and inflammation is reduced (via the sulphur and other minerals). Apply in the evening, allow it to work for 20-30 minutes and rinse off with water. Nothing should be applied to the skin after the treatment – this allows the detoxification process to continue throughout the night.
Combination therapy: Use the fangocur Mineral Drink along with the mineral mask to also clean the body from the inside. We recommend using the high-quality natural sponge from fangocur to remove the mask from the face. This has a gentle peeling-effect.

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