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Common Acne Treatments
The Acne Mineral Mask from fangocur is THE Natural Acne Treatment

The fangocur Acne Mineral Mask uses only natural healing power. That's not to say that conventional medical methods should be given up, but it is important to keep in mind that the Acne Mineral Mask from fangocur is proven highly effective and 100% natural – there are no side effects. It's a well-tested acne treatment and has been medically approved by the University of Vienna to treat acne, spots/pimples (whiteheads and blackheads) and bad skin in general. It's natural, so it doesn't stress the body – it gently and naturally rids the skin of acne.

It's also important to note that the mask from fangocur does not interfere with other conventional methods you may be using to treat acne. It supports the treatment. For lasting positive results, we recommend the fangocur Success Plan.

The fangocur Acne Mineral Mask is made from natural Gossendorf Fango healing volcanic clay, water and a high-quality mix of specially selected essential oils. That's it. Everything is natural, and there are no side effects. The deep cleaning, anti-inflammatory and metabolism improving effects are all extremely beneficial in the treatment of acne. In addition, the Acne Mask is antibacterial and helps to eliminate harmful micro-organisms on the surface of the skin.

The Idea Behind the Acne Mineral Mask from fangocur – A Natural Way to Get Rid of Acne

The skin is thoroughly and deeply cleaned of metabolic waste products. Dead skin is removed, the normal metabolism of the skin is restored, and the active ingredients (sulphur and other elements) work to inhibit the inflammation process. Simply apply in the evening, let it work for 30 minutes (or up to an hour, if you like), and then rinse off with water. No cream or other moisturiser should be used after the treatment – this allows the skin to continue the detoxification process. 

If you notice that your skin is uncomfortably dry and you have the feeling that you really need to apply a moisturizer, use only the skin cream intended to supplement treatment with the Acne Mineral Mask: our 100% natural Mineral Cream N°4. Feel free to moisturize the skin in the morning with a high quality natural skin cream – the fangocur Mineral Cream N°4 is ideal for this purpose.

Tip: Through simultaneous use of fangocur Bentomed, an internal detoxification can support and increase the effectiveness of the treatment of acne.

The fangocur Acne Mineral Mask has been Proven Effective by the University of Vienna

The fangocur Acne Mineral Mask from fangocur is not a "wellness" or spa product. Its effectiveness in treating acne has been medically/balneologically recognised by the University of Vienna (Dr. Marktl, 2006). The treatment has been thoroughly scrutinised and has also been approved for use by the regional government of the province in which natural fango volcanic clay is produced (Styria).

Treatments for Acne – Common Approaches

There are a variety of acne products on the market which fight acne, and there are also many forms of therapy for the skin condition. Medications aim to reduce sebum production, regulate the keratinization process in relation to the sebaceous follicles, fight bacteria and inhibit the inflammation process.

Listed below are some common acne treatments:

Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHAs)
This is a preventative treatment against blackheads.

This treatment methods fights the bacteria which colonise the follicle of the sebaceous gland and cause the inflammatory reaction which can lead to acne. Antibiotics can harm the digestive system. Due to the short-term effectiveness of this acne treatment along with the variety of side effects, this treatment is not often recommended.

Benzoyl peroxide
A potent oxydiser which is both antibacterial and keratolytic. It causes allergic reactions in about 10% of the people who use it.

Hormones (only for women)
Hormone treatment for women limits the effects of androgens, and it is often contains synthetic oestrogen (oestrogen ethenylestradiol). Such hormone treatments also serve to prevent pregnancy.

Linoleic acid
In research conducted in 1998, it was shown that topical application of linoleic acid resulted in a significant reduction (almost 25%) in the number of micro-comedones in only a month.

Retinoids are used externally function mainly to eliminate comedones. Possible side effects of this acne treatment include itching, burning and reddening of the skin.

Isotretinoin (systemic)
For severe or therapy-resistant cases of acne, Isotretinoin can be taken internally. Ideally through the use of this acne medication, sebum production is reduced for an extended period. Possible side effects are severe peeling of the skin, dry skin, hair loss, nose bleeds, depression, joint pain as well as liver damage (dependent on the dosage).

Light therapy
Therapy with sunlight or ultraviolet rays is controversial. UV rays do have an antibacterial effect, but exposure can also lead to the development of blackheads. In addition, there are problems involving photo toxicity which are worsened by the use of externally applied medications, sun screens, and cosmetics.

Salicylic acid
This treatment has a peeling and antibacterial effect at high doses. When used on large areas as is common in the treatment of acne scars, the danger of kidney damage is increased.

Zinc and Zinc Compounds
Zinc is an essential trace element needed by the body. For external acne treatment, a zinc compound is often used in combination with the antibiotics erythromycin and clindamycin. The antiseptic zinc oxide is an ingredient in zinc salves, which when can be used alone or in combination with antibiotics to treat wounds.

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