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Types of Dermatitis
Types of Dermatitis

The term dermatitis was first used in the 19th century. At that time, the popular theory was that the cause of this skin condition involved an inflammation of the nerve, thus the skin condition was called "neurodermatitis": "neuro" meaning nerve and "dermatitis" meaning skin inflammation. Today terms such as atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema are more commonly used, both or which can be roughly defined as "a change in the condition of the skin of unknown cause with no pattern as to where it occurs". ("Atopic" simply means a skin reaction caused by an allergy, though not in the area in contact with the allergen.)

Neurodermatitis, now more commonly called atopic dermatitis is an inherited skin condition, wherein the cause of the skin condition is at least partially genetic. There are about 20 different genes which play a role in the passing on of eczema and the related atopic dermatitis. That said, there still must be some kind of trigger which causes the skin condition to actually appear, and there are many possibilities. In this way, atopic dermatitis cannot be considered a normal hereditary disease.

Atopic dermatitis (i.e. previously known as neurodermatitis) and the related eczema can plague babies, children and adults. As the cause of the itchy skin condition is regarded to be genetic, it is usually considered incurable by physicians. Nonetheless it is well-known that with proper treatment, babies and children who suffer with the condition can grow out of the skin condition or at least have much reduced symptoms by the time they reach puberty. Of the people suffering with the skin condition in their youth, roughly 70% are free of the itchy skin by the time they reach adulthood.

Types of  Atopic Dermatitis

There are three general types of atopic dermatitis. The differ in their age of onset and the body area they affect (i.e. where the eczema and itching appears). At any time the atopic dermatitis can reappear, triggered by environmental irritations or stress.

Infantile Eczema or Milk Crust
This type of dermatitis appears in young babies and is sometimes called "milk crust", though the cause is not a milk allergy. The name comes from the appearance – it can look like burned milk. Infantile eczema appears as a yellow-white crust in combination with weeping eczema which can occur in patches. The arms, legs and face are the areas most commonly affected, and it's not uncommon that the areas become infected with viruses or bacteria. As it's always itchy, the baby suffers under constant stress which they can only communicate through crying.

Bending Eczema
This form of the skin condition mostly affects children and teenagers. It occurs where the skin folds at the back of the knee and inside of the elbow. The hands and neck are also common places for the eczema to appear. As the skin in these areas can remain red, irritated and inflamed for years, the area of dry and thickened skin tends to grow (somewhat similarly to the way tree rings grow). This change in the skin due to eczema is known as lichen simplex chronicus (LCS), wherein the skin can become brown and leathery.

Prurigo Besnier
This type of atopic dermatitis is a unique form of the skin condition generally only affecting adults. "Prurigo" comes from Latin and simply means itch or irritation. When this type of extremely itchy eczema is present it normally affects the entire body, though it also occurs in a milder form which may only appear on the hands or ear lobes.

The various types of dermatitis affecting babies, children and adults can all be effectively treated with healing clay.

Healing clay is very beneficial in the treatment of atopic dermatitis. It's a natural remedy with no side effects – the ability of healing clay to heal the itchy skin condition has been documented for decades. That said, it's important to keep in mind that all healing clay is not the same. Some healing clays are produced as cheaply as possible without much care for the clay produced – they may be ground, heated or mixed with other things to lower costs, but it's the consumer who suffers.

Our fangocur Healing Clay products contain pure unprocessed Gossendorf Fango. That means that our all-natural healing clay is not heated, rather it is gently gathered in a volcanic region in Austria. The fine nature of the healing clay is natural. The fango healing clay contained in the Curative Mineral Mask and the Curative Mineral Mask for Babies is pure...only natural rain water and essential oils are added. The water found in the mineral masks is high in ingredients like sulphur, minerals and electrolytes due to long contact with the healing clay (it's over 13 million years old). That's no tap water! The Curative Mineral Mask and Curative Mineral Mask for Babies from fangocur have been used by many dermatitis and eczema sufferers who've enjoyed quick and dependable relief. The Curative Mineral Soap from fangocur is the optimal addition to the skin therapy – it's an all-natural way to gently clean the skin every day. Unlike normal soaps or shower gels, it contains no chemical additives to irritate the skin. For regular moisturising of the skin, essential for those who suffer with dermatitis or eczema, it's best to supplement your skin care treatment with the Mineral Cream N°5. Our Mineral Creams also contain the renowned fango healing clay and help to support the healing process. Bentomed from fangocur purifies and detoxifies the body – it's an ideal way to treat the skin from the inside out, encouraging the natural healing and regeneration processes of the skin. 

The fangocur Success Plan – The Effective Way to Treat Dermatitis and Eczema

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