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Treatment Methods
Eczema & Dermatitis – Common Treatment Methods

Just as there are many causes, so are there many forms of treatment for eczema and dermatitis. As the apparent different factors involved play a role, the parallel use of different therapies should also be considered according to the needs of each individual. Patience is a key factor in any treatment or therapy.

Regarding the medical treatment options currently used to treat atopic dermatitis, it's important to differentiate between external treatments (i.e. topical) such at salves, creams or emulsions and internal treatments (i.e. systemic) usually taking the form of pills or infusions.

External treatments for dermatitis

The foundation of symptomatic treatment is daily skin care. Most commonly creams, salves and lotions are used. Depending on the severity and type of symptoms, there are various types of salves that may be used – below are a few common examples.

Cortisone preparation
Creams containing cortisone have been used for decades in the treatment of atopic dermatitis. Cortisone acts to surpress the overreaction of the immune system and so leads to a reversal of the inflammation process. Use of such cortisone salves or creams promotes the stabilisation of the skin’s condition and lessens the itch. In contrast to internal treatments cortison cream has relatively few side effects, though long-term treatment can result in a thinning (i.e. atrophy) of the skin. The treatment period is normally shorter when used to treat the complexion of babies and young children. Additionally, when used for longer periods cortisone can lead to dependence on the effects – pauses in treatment are an essential part of cortisone therapy.

Calcineurin inhibitor
The active ingredient here can either be Tacromilus or Pimecromilus, both types of calcineurin inhibitors which act to stop the inflammation by affecting the white blood cells (T lymphocytes). This treatment method works well. The production of secondary messengers, in this case proteins called cytokines, is blocked in the skin – this in turn puts an end to the inflammatory response. The changes in the skin due to the skin condition are reversed and the itching is relieved. These salves contain no cortison so a thinning of the skin is not a danger, though calcineurin inhibitor therapy can also lead to dependence on the effects. Any risks of long-term use of this relatively new treatment method have yet to be determined so its use should be conservative, especially in treating babies and young children.

Zinc mixtures, tars, drawing salves
Zinc mixtures, tars and drawing salves are all used topically to treat the skin. If used correctly, they can be very effective in the treatment of acute inflammation symptoms. Nonetheless there are some rather extreme cosmetic drawbacks which can hinder daily use.

Internal treatments for dermatitis

Cortisone, ciclosporin A
The internal use of cortisone or ciclosporin A to treat atopic dermatitis is reserved for the most severe cases. For most people, their use should be avoided. Both substances surpress the immune system in general.

Anti-allergy medication (antihistamine)
Anti-allergy medication are used to prevent allergic reactions in the skin. This treatment method usually does not have many side effects, and can help to reduce the itching sensation.

Anti-microbial treatment
Due to the possibility for infection, either by harmful bacteria or fungus, a systemic treatment using antibiotics is sometimes necessary.

Light therapy (phototherapy)
For this treatment method, light of a very specific wavelength is used to inhibit the activity of the cells in the skin which cause inflammation. Normally ultraviolet light is used, often a combination of UVA and UVB. If the case is very severe, light therapy can be combined with a medication which increases the effect (i.e. PUVA treatment). Caution: after undergoing such therapy, one’s sensitivity to light is much greater. For such UV therapies, an increased risk for cancer cannot be completely rules out. Use of this method should be very conservative for both babies and young children.

Climate therapie
A treatment using the so-called stimulating climate on the sea coast (preferable with air containing iodine) as well as in the high mountains (1000 metres in the winter or 2000 metres in the summer) can be beneficial, and there are usually few allergens in such climates. Longer periods of time (4-6 weeks) spent on the coast or in the mountain can lead to a marked improvement in the symptoms of dermatitis.

Treating dermatitis and eczema – THE proven natural remedy for atopic dermatitis from fangocur

The fangocur Curative Mineral Mask along with the extra-gentle Curative Mineral Mask for Babies rely on the natural healing power of the Earth. The medical treatments for dermatitis can certainly be effective – the Mineral Creams from fangocur are proven effective and 100% natural remedy. There are no side effects. Both the Curative Mineral Mask and the Curative Mineral Mask for Babies have the medical-balneological approval of the University of Viena as effective atopic dermatitis treatments.

It's important to note that the special Mineral Creams from fangocur can be a beneficial support for more common dermatitis treatments or therapies. For lasting positive results in treating dermatitis, we recommend the fangocur Success Plan.

How the Curative Mineral Mask works to treat atopic dermatitis: it cools, soothes the itch, improves the skin's metabolism, reduces inflammation.

The fangocur Curative Mineral Mask is an ideal treatment for dermatitis – it deeply cleanses the skin, balances the metabolism and reduces inflammation. At the same time essential minerals and trace elements nourish the skin, and the unique blend of essential oils inhibits itching and encourages healing of the raised, red and itchy skin. It's best to treat the atopic dermatitis in the evening. Apply the cream, allow it to work for about 20-30 minutes – it should dry completely during this time. Following the therapy rinse off the healing clay with warm water, ideally using a fine-pored natural sea sponge. Following the treatment, do not apply any sort of skin cream, oil or lotion. This is important as the goal is for the skin to self-regulate. Of course if you experience itching during the application, feel free to rinse off the clay before the recommended time. Repeat the therapy daily!

Combination therapy: using Bentomed helps the body to naturally detoxify itself

Combine your skin therapy with an internal cleansing using Bentomed from fangocur. It detoxifies the body from the inside, lessening the amount of impurities which must be released through the skin. For the treatment of atopic dermatitis, this combination therapy greatly increases the effectiveness of the healing clay. By using Bentomed along with the mask from fangocur, you help your body to eliminate poisons in your digestive system which would otherwise have to be processed by the skin.

Especially for Babies and Small Children: Our Extra Gentle Curative Mineral Mask for Babies

The fangocur Curative Mineral Mask for Babies is extremely gentle. The sensitive skin of small children reacts well to the pure and natural healing clay contained in the mask – it encourages the natural healing of the skin. Our volcanic healing clay can be used for psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, baby acne and baby dermatitis.

The effectiveness of the treatment has been proven by medical/balneological studies conducted by the University of Vienna.

Using the Curative Mineral Mask for Babies

Apply the fangocur and allow it to work for approximately 10 minutes – this should be done once or twice per day. Following the treatment, do not apply any sort of skin cream or lotion to the area. You'll notice improvement after only a couple days of using the Mineral Mask for Babies, not only in appearance but also in the mood of your baby or small child. Itching is no fun! You should notice a decrease in crying or complaining related to skin irritations, too.

The effectiveness of the Dermatitis Cream (i.e. the Curative Mineral Mask) from fangocur has been approved in a medical/balneological study conducted by the University of Vienna. There are no known side effects!

The Curative Mineral Mask (dermatitis/eczema cream) from fangocur is not a "wellness" or spa product. Its effectiveness in treating acne has been medically/balneologically recognised by the University of Vienna (Dr. Marktl, 2006). This natural health remedy has been thoroughly scrutinised – it has also been approved for use by the regional government of the province in which natural fango volcanic clay is produced (Styria).

The 100% natural fangocur Curative Mineral Soap is a great was to gently yet thoroughly clean sensitive skin.

The skin of those who suffer with dermatitis (i.e. atopic dermatitis) is especially sensitive to the chemical additives so common in normal soaps. You should wash morning and night (before applying the mask) using a soap especially developed for sensitive eczema-prone skin – the Curative Mineral Soap from fangocur. The all-natural Curative Mineral Soap deeply and gently cleanses the skin. There are no chemical additives. It's made from our well-known fango healing clay and supports the treatment of atopic dermatitis. This special soap helps to keep the skin from becoming dry, in contrast to other soaps or shower gels which tend to draw moisture from the skin. It's important that the skin maintains it's ability to hydrate naturally, protected by its own natural oils. The Curative Mineral soap encourages this natural balance. 

For those who suffer with dermatitis or eczema, regular moisturising of the skin is crucial. It's important that the products used work naturally and support healthy skin function.

As the skin of people who suffer with dermatitis or eczema is often very dry, rough and chapped, regular moisturising is important. One should keep in mind that such skin is extremely sensitive, so the skin cream or lotion used should contain not chemical additives or artificial ingredients as they can further irritate and injure the skin.

The fangocur Mineral Cream N°5 thoroughly moisturises the skin. It's quickly absorbed and is effective in killing harmful micro-organisms and reducing inflammation. Irritated skin is quickly soothed. Apply the Mineral Cream N°5 in the morning and evening to clean skin (ideally after washing with the Curative Mineral Soap). The Mineral Cream contains our renowned fango healing clay – it's a great addition to the skin care programme of people who suffer with dermatitis or eczema.

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