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Treating Dermatitis
Using the 100% Natural fangocur Curative Mineral Mask to Treat Eczema and Dermatitis

Babies and small children with atopic dermatitis also benefit from treatment with fangocur
fangocur is an effective treatment for dermatitis
Stress and bad nutrition are possible causes for dermatitis
Simply apply and allow it to work...
Atopic dermatitis is often found in the creases on the inside of the elbows and the back of the knees as well as the face and neck
It contains natural anti-inflammatory minerals
Bentomed from fangocur supports the healing of eczema related to atopic dermatitis
Using Bentomed from fangocur
Atopic dermatitis and eczema are skin conditions which are not so well understood – there are many possible causes. The symptoms of neurodermatitis can also vary greatly. The primary symptoms are red and scaly skin, possibly accompanied by weeping eczema...and and often very intensely itchy skin.

Healing Clay is a Proven and Highly Effective Remedy

The fango healing clay contained in the Curative Mineral Mask addresses the root cause of the itchy skin and provides dependable and lasting relief when used to treat the skin condition. The skin of those who suffer with atopic dermatitis is different than healthy skin in that the natural protective layer which coats and protects the skin is dysfunctional. This is where the healing when using the fangocur Curative Mineral Mask begins.

The main problem for people who suffer with atopic dermatitis (previously known as neurodermatitis) is the often intense itching. Their skin is very sensitive and dry, making it more easily to injury by scratching. The resulting small cuts can also appear without any apparent cause. The result is often eczema which often weeps (i.e. exudes fluid) and itches even more intensely. As the the skin irritation is often most severe in the evening, the result can be extreme psychological stress due to sleep deprivation.

How the Curative Mineral Mask Works

The Curative Mineral Mask from fangocur is a comprehensive treatment.

A gentle yet thorough cleansing of the skin forms the foundation of the atopic dermatitis treatment. The Curative Mineral Mask contains a mineral rich volcanic healing clay in the purest form available. This unique healing clay draws bacteria, small particles of dirt and poisons from the skin.

That's only the beginning of the deep cleaning. As the healing clay also brings increased circulation to the area as well as activating and regulating the metabolism of the skin, the metabolic waste products and poisons are transported to the surface of the skin and naturally eliminated.

Now the skin is ready for the highly effective minerals and enzymes contained in our natural healing clay. They work to kill harmful bacteria, soothe the irritated skin and decrease the inflammation. In addition, the normal function of the skin as well as wound healing are encouraged – the skin's natural protective mechanisms return to normal and the itching is quickly eliminated.

The effects have been document by medical-balneological studies conducted by the University of Vienna. There are no known side effects!

Using the fangocur Mineral Mask

It's best to treat the areas affected by atopic dermatitis in the evening. Apply the mask, allow it to work for about 30 minutes, then wash off using warm water and a fine-pored natural sea sponge. Avoid using skin cream, lotion, oil or other product following the treatment. This allows the skin to naturally rebalance itself and return to normal healthy function.

If you notice that your skin is uncomfortably dry after the treatment and you have the feeling that you really need to moisturise your skin, use the skin cream that has been specifically developed for dermatitis and eczema: the 100% natural Mineral Cream N°5. You can also apply a high quality moisturiser everyday in the morning – the fangocur Mineral Cream N°5 is also ideal for this application.

If you experience itching during the application, feel free to rinse off the clay before the recommended time. Nonetheless, you can and should repeat the therapy daily! Some drying of the skin is no cause for concern – this is actually a desired effect of the Mineral Cream and will cause no harm. Remember: do not apply any type of "skin care" product following your fangocur treatment, unless the discomfort is very intense and you feel an urgent need to moisturise. In this case, the Mineral Cream N°5 is recommended as it's been developed to treat dermatitis and eczema.

Even after you're rid of the skin condition, daily skin care is still important; i.e. cleansing with the Curative Mineral Soap and moisturising with the Mineral Cream N°5. Occasional deep cleaning of the skin with the Curative Mineral Mask is also beneficial as it helps to prevent a return of the condition. As the skin is constantly challenged by the environment, regular skin care is crucial.

Combination Therapy: Mineral Mask + Bentomed

Combine your skin treatment with an internal cleansing with Bentomed from fangocur. It detoxifies the body from the inside, lessening the amount of impurities which must be released through the skin. For the treatment of atopic dermatitis, this combination therapy greatly increases the effectiveness of the volcanic healing clay. Through use of Bentomed along with the Curative Mask from fangocur, you help your body to eliminate poisons in your digestive system which would otherwise have to be processed by the skin. It's the optimal way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful all the time.

Gently Cleansing the skin

Skin affected with dermatitis and relatedly eczema is very sensitive and can be harmed by the aggressive chemicals added to many soaps. For daily skin cleaning, you need an effective soap that has been developed especially for atopic dermatitis. You should wash morning and night (before applying the mask) using a soap especially developed for sensitive dermatitis-prone skin – the Curative Mineral Soap from fangocur. The all-natural Curative Mineral Soap contains no chemical additives. It's made from our well-known fango healing clay and supports the complete treatment of atopic dermatitis. This special soap helps to keep the skin from becoming dry, in contrast to other soaps or shower gels which tend to draw moisture from the skin. It's important that the skin maintains it's ability to hydrate naturally, protected by its own natural oils. The Curative Mineral soap encourages this natural balance.

What else can be done on a day to day basis to keep the skin healthy?

As the skin of people who suffer with dermatitis or eczema is often very dry, rough and chapped, regular moisturising is important. It's crucial to keep in mind that such skin is extremely sensitive, so the skin cream or lotion used should contain not chemical additives or artificial ingredients as they can further irritate and injure the skin.

The fangocur Mineral Cream N°5 thoroughly moisturises the skin. It's quickly absorbed and is effective in killing harmful micro-organisms and reducing inflammation. Irritated skin is quickly soothed. Apply the Mineral Cream N°5 in the morning and evening to clean skin (ideally after washing with the Curative Mineral Soap). The Mineral Cream contains our renowned fango healing clay – it's a great addition to the skin care programme of people who suffer with dermatitis or eczema.

The Curative Mineral Soap and the Mineral Cream N°5 are very beneficial when used along with the Curative Mineral Mask (external therapy) and Bentomed (internal therapy) in the treatment of eczema and dermatitis.

Especially for Babies and Small Children: Our Extra Gentle Curative Mineral Mask for Babies

There's a fangocur mineral mask designed especially for the sensitive skin of babies and young children. It's an effective treatment for atopic dermatitis and other childhood skin conditions.

The fangocur Curative Mineral Mask for Babies is extremely gentle. The sensitive skin of small children reacts well to the pure and natural healing clay contained in the mask – it encourages the natural healing of the skin. Our volcanic healing clay can be used for psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, baby acne and baby dermatitis.

The effectiveness of the treatment has been proven by medical/balneological studies conducted by the University of Vienna.

Using the Curative Mineral Mask for Babies

Apply the fangocur and allow it to work for approximately 10 minutes – this should be done once or twice per day. Following the treatment, do not apply any sort of skin cream or lotion to the area. You'll notice improvement after only a couple days of using the Mineral Mask for Babies, not only in appearance but also in the mood of your baby or small child. Itching is no fun! You should notice a decrease in crying or complaining related to skin irritations, too.

Even after the dermatitis is gone, it's still beneficial to cleanse the skin daily using the Curative Mineral Soap as well as regular moisturising with the Mineral Cream N°5 and to sometimes follow up with a Curative Mineral Mask treatment. This simple preventative measure helps your skin to remain healthy and beautiful.

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