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Anti-Cellulite Clay Pack

Unique Cellulite Therapy Addresses the Root Cause of the Problem – Quick and Noticeable Results Naturally

The Anti-Cellulite Pack from fangocur contains only fango healing clay in the purest form available and a unique blend of essential oils. The ingredients of the volcanic healing clay work to increase circulation and regulate the metabolism of the skin. It also detoxifies and cleanses the skin. It activates lymph transport, allowing excess fluid to be transported out of the tissue. The naturally pure essential oils also gentle care for the skin and promote healing.

The Anti-Cellulite clay pack is a new way to treat cellulite. This effective remedy is used in cosmetic institutes and spas, but it's also available for use at home.

Experts are impressed with the fangocur cellulite therapy

V. Dempfer

The Anti-Cellulite Pack from fangocur is used in some of the best thermal spas in Austria – the Beauty Centre of the Aqua-Dome Spa in Tirol (Austria) is just one example. Verena Dempfer, Manager of the Beauty Department and an expert in the treatment of cellulite tells us about her experience with the Anti-Cellulite Pack from fangocur:

"We've been using the Anti-Cellulite Clay Pack in our beauty and therapy department for almost a year. We can say without reservation that clients notice an improvement in their skin after only a few Anti-Cellulite Pack treatments. The skin is much more smooth and supple. It's noticeably tighter, making the cellulite almost impossible to see. We've tried out a lot of cellulite creams and cellulite treatments. The fangocur Anti-Cellulite Pack is now the one we trust – our customers have just been so enthusiastic about their results."

The Anti-Cellulite Clay Pack from fangocur contains mineral-rich volcanic clay in the purest form available as well as a special blend of pure essential oils. Simply apply a thin layer of the cream to the area to be treated and gently massage it into the skin. Allow it to work for about 30 minutes, then wash off with warm water. It's best to use a natural sponge as this enhances the gentle peeling effect. The skin will feel more soft and elastic right away. That's how cellulite is effectively treated using fango healing clay from fangocur.

Duration of treatment: once per day for 10 days

You'll can also enjoy the unique effects of a cellulite treatment from fangocur. Now is the time to feel better about your body!

The Anti-Cellulite Cream from fangocur:

dramatically increases circulation and promotes detoxification
encourages the transport of excess fluid out of the tissue via the lymph and circulatory systems
promotes soft and smooth skin
tones the tissues – the cellulite fades away
is 100% natural and has no side effects

Through a combination therapy with Bentomed, the entire digestive system is normalised and fat metabolism is improved. In this way, fewer fat cells are allowed to build up in the problem zones. The growth of fat cells is also naturally inhibited.

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