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Steps to Success
The Anti-Cellulite Plan – 4 Steps to Success

About 80% of all women suffer from the dented and dimpled skin of cellulite, most frequently occurring on the hips and buttocks. There are many things one can do to prevent and fight cellulite, and to maintain the smooth appearance of the skin.

Here are four factors to keep in mind:

1. The fangocur Anti-Cellulite Pack

A cellulite treatment using the anti-cellulite clay pack from fangocur fights cellulite as it dramatically increases circulation as well as regulates and normalises metabolism. It also detoxifies the skin.

The fango healing clay it contains is enhanced with essential oils which nurture the skin. Used daily, you'll notice the positive effects after only 10 treatments. You simply apply the fangocur cream to the problem zone and allow it to work. After the initial 10 treatments, pause for 1-2 weeks and then repeat the treatment again if you wish.

2. Detoxify the body and normalise the pH balance

If the body's natural acid/base (pH) balance is disturbed, it's possible that excessive amounts of metabolic waste products remain in the body. In women, the excess acid and poison can be transported to the blood, cellular fluid, lymph as well as the placenta. Once this level of acidity reaches a certain level (this differs from person to person), the body is no longer able to properly eliminate the toxins and acid. This toxification can result in patches of cellulite on the hips, thighs and upper arms.

To avoid this problem, we advise using Bentomed from fangocur – it's the natural way to detoxify and purify the body from within.

You'll achieve better results using the combination therapy for cellulite.

3. Nutrition

A proper diet is important. One should try to eat a healthy diet as this naturally stimulates the burning of fat as well as encourages the creation of healthy connective tissue. It's been scientifically proven that excessive acidity (low pH) in the connective tissue can have damaging effects.

It's important to limit the intake of foods which increase acidity: alcohol, dairy products, sugar, coffee, white bread and meat. Instead include more soy, feta cheese, vegetables, fish and fruits. In the fight against cellulite, anti-oxidants such as vitamin A, C and E are important as they can help to eliminate free radicals from the connective tissue.

In order to transport nutrients to the cells and to remove metabolic wastes, the body needs potassium. This is contained in foods such as tomatoes and broccoli. This natural anti-cellulite remedy also reduces the retention of fluid in the legs.

4. Physical Activity

Physical activity is important for the maintenance of good skin tone. Ideally one participates in sport several times a week; a walk or a bicycle ride are especially good as they target the traditional cellulite problem zones. Strong legs are beautiful legs – it's the muscle that gives legs their shape. You might also try deep knee bends to tone the legs. To fight varicose veins and promote shapely lower legs, the ballerina exercise (stand on your tiptoes, relax, repeat) works wonders. Use the stairs when possible, and from time to time tighten the muscles in your derrière. Additionally sitting on a hard chair will train the muscles of the buttock.

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