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Rid of Gas & Bloating

Use it to treat bloating (flatulence) and bloated stomach
Mix Bentomed powder with water to stop the bloating and gas
A proven treatment for bloating (flatulence) and that lasting full feeling
Bentomed relieves acute symptoms and prevents future gas, bloating and flatulence
Put a stop to the suffering – thanks to Bentomed from fangocur, annoying gas and bloating become a thing of the past!

Lasting gas, a full feeling, abdominal pain and bloating can really bring down your quality of life. You have to be more careful, and it can certainly be annoying or embarrassing. You just feel bad. Gas and bloating can be stressful – you can be free of such digestive complaints.

Bentomed helps straight away!

Bentomed from fangocur addresses the root of the problem: excess gas in the stomach and intestinal tract is bound, countering your acute symptoms. This puts an end to the gas, reduces or eliminates the abdominal pain and stops that full feeling. Bloating disappears. In addition, the healthy intestinal environment is restored and the digestive process is normalised in order to prevent future problems.

Bentomed contains only the purest of natural ingredients (healing clay, barley grass, herbal essences). There are no added chemicals. It's well-tolerated and has been proven effective in university research. Make use of the power of nature.

Eliminate the bloating (flatulence) and feel good again!

For more severe symptoms such as abdominal bloating or cramping, we recommend also using the Fango Sheets from fangocur. Simply warm and apply to the abdomen. They can be applied much warmer than a hot water bottle (up to 45°C) without feeling uncomfortable. The Fango Sheets provide a deep warming which reaches the digestive organs and quickly eliminates gas symptoms.

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