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Über fangocur
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Constipation Relief
Bentomed from fangocur Normalises Digestion Naturally

Help in relieving constipation – Bentomed is the natural home remedy
Constipation? Adjust how you use Bentomed to suite your needs
Bentomed is the natural home remedy for constipation
Simply mix Bentomed with water

Put an end to constipation – Bentomed provides lasting relief!

Bentomed from fangocur contains natural healing clay in its purest form. Our healing clay contains particles which vary in size, making the drink an excellent source of dietary fibre. The many minerals and trace elements it contains stimulate digestion and increase the secretion of digestive fluids. Additionally Bentomed contains barley grass that is rich in essential nutrients, helping the digestive system to function better. The essential oils contained are made from herbs of the highest quality; they help to soothe the stomach and intestinal tract.

Note: The healing clay binds the harmful substances and gases which may have collected in the digestive tract due to constipation. The natural digestive function is returned and the colon and intestinal tract is brought back into balance, meaning that even foods which are more difficult to digest no longer cause problems such as constipation and gas.

Short-term therapeutic use of Bentomed from fangocur naturalises your digestion naturally…and the results last!

One package of Bentomed is enough for an entire treatment as the healing clay contained is so concentrated and effective (the normal drinks is a teaspoon of healing clay powder in a glass of water).

What makes fangocur Bentomed so special?

While many laxatives can actually make the problem worse (as the can damage the sensitive lining of the intestines making them less able to function properly), the fangocur gently treats constipation by improving the overall digestion. The lining of the lower digestive system is massaged and encouraged to again function normally by the high-fibre fango healing clay. It's important to keep in mind that the normal function is restored rather than the level of activity being artificially increased.

Bentomed from fangocur:

  • is a pure and all-natural product (with highly effective fango healing clay)
  • contains no chemical additives (no side effects)
  • has been recognise for its effectiveness in university research

It normalises the digestive environment and so regulates digestive function.

It contains particles which vary in size – it's an excellent source of dietary fibre.

It binds to harmful substances in the digestive tract allowing them to be passed out in the stool.

Its minerals and trace elements encourage normal digestion via increasing the secretion of digestive fluids.

For especially bad symptoms such as abdominal bloating or cramping, we recommend also using the Fango Sheets from fangocur. Simply warm and apply to the abdomen. They can be applied much warmer that a hot water bottle without feeling uncomfortable or burning. It provides a deeper warming which reaches the digestive organs and improves their function.

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