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Bad Breath
Quick, dependable relief from bad breath
Bentoforte from fangocur is quick and dependable help for bad breath
Use Bentoforte and Be Rid of Bad Breath Naturally

Many people suffer with bad breath, though few talk about it. This condition, also known as halitosis from the Latin word for breath, can also go unnoticed by the person with bad breath – through constant exposure, the nose looses sensitivity to the unpleasant odour. People in the vicinity of the bad breath sufferer are unfortunately not so lucky.

Bad breath is not a curse or something people just have to live with. There are effective ways to correct this often embarrassing problem.

There are many possible causes for bad breath (i.e. halitosis). The most common reasons for bad breath are an overabundance of bacteria in the mouth and/or throat as well as digestive problems such as gastroenteritis, acid reflux or an excessively acidic stomach.

Using Bentoforte not only eliminates of the bad breath now – it effectively normalises the digestion in addition to promoing a more healthy environment in the mouth and throat.

The deeper causes of halitosis are addressed and breath becomes a thing of the past.

Bentoforte provides fast and effective relief from bad breath now. It also prevents bad breath from recurring in the future.

When used regularly, Bentoforte puts and end to bad breath for good.


How does Bentoforte fight bad breath?

1. Bentoforte eliminates gum inflammation as well as other inflammation of the mouth and/or throat

The healing clay contained in Bentoforte fights gum inflammation as well as inflammation in the mouth and throat. This prevents bacteria from accumulating.

2. Bentoforte is an effective germicide; i.e. it kills bacteria

Bentoforte contains silica as well as a variety of minerals which effectively eliminate bacteria in the mouth and throat area. This allows the body to restore a natural and healthy oral environment. 

3. Bentoforte normalises digestive function

Foul smelling metabolic waste products are bound (i.e. collected) and quickly eliminated in the stool. Excessive acid in the stomach as well as the intestinal tract is also collected. The pH of the digestive system is normalised, improving digestive function which in turn prevents foul odours being expelled via the mouth.

Bentoforte from fangocur

  • quickly eliminates bacteria in the mouth and throat
  • inhibits inflammation (e.g. gums inflammation)
  • absorbs foul-smelling metabolic waste products in the digestive tract
  • regenerates the digestive system
  • promotes a healthy environment in the mouth and throat
  • provides essential nutrients

Using Bentoforte from fangocur

To fight acute bad breath (i.e. halitosis)

Stir a heaping spoonful of fangocur Bentoforte into a half glass of water and allow it to steep for at least 10 minutes. Just before use, stir it again. Rinse your mouth thoroughly and then gargle the Bentoforte drink to further disinfect the back of the mouth. To fight bad breath caused by problems in the digestive system, you can also swallow about half the glass of Bentoforte mixed with water. After you've rinsed and gargled with the entire contents of the glass, you should avoid eating and drinking for about a half an hour. Repeat the treatment in the morning and in the evening for three weeks. For more stubborn cases, you can take a week off and then repeat the treatment for another three weeks. To encourage a more lasting effect you should repeat the three week treatment every 3 to 4 months.

For More Lasting Results, a Preventative Treatment 2 or 3 Times per Year is Recommended

To avoid a return of odour producing bacteria, it's advisable to use the Bentoforte as a preventative. Simply repeat the treatment above twice per week (i.e. 2 days, such as Wednesday and Sunday). This helps to maintain a healthy and clean environment in the mouth and throat.

Additional Important Information about Bad Breath

We would like to provide you with some additional helpful information about bad breath. This includes not only a description of the more common causes of this condition but also a collection of useful tips for fighting and preventing halitosis.

Preventing Bad Breath

You don't have to live with bad breath…you can do something about it! Bentoforte is a useful way to treat bad breath now and to prevent it from recurring. Here are some additional things you can do about bad breath:

  • Thoroughly brush your teeth at least twice per day, and floss once per day. Use a tooth brush that is designed to remove plaque and food particles from the space between the teeth as well as the border between tooth and gums.
  • After brushing your teeth in the evening, gargle with Bentoforte from fangocur. Don't spit out the drink as you would a mouth wash; instead swallow it. This is an effective treatment for problems not only of the mouth but also the throat, oesophagus and stomach.
  • Coffee, beer, wine and various foods can cause bad breath. Limit the consumption of such foods and when you do enjoy such food and drink, be sure to rinse your mouth well after.
  • If you wear a bridge or 'false teeth', daily cleaning is essential. This is best done in the evening and once again in the morning. You can also gargle with the fangocur Bentomed at these time to fight bad breath.
  • Regular visits to the dentist are important, both for a check-up and a professional cleaning. It's a good idea to have your teeth professionally cleaned once or twice per year.
  • You should also clean your tongue as it can also harbour many bacteria. You can use a normal spoon to gently scrape the tongue, or you might try a special tongue scraper available from your local pharmacy or health food store. By cleaning the tongue regularly, up to 60% of foul odours in the mouth can be eliminated – once per day is normally sufficient, and take care to also clean the sides. This can be more challenging than it sounds as you may need to hold the tongue in place. Bentoforte also cleans the tongue when used as described above.

Tip & Tricks for Bad Breath

What else can be done about bad breath?

  • Thoroughly chew your food.
  • Be sure to drink enough water every day – 2 litres is a good amount to aim for.
  • Use a different tooth brush for your morning, afternoon and evening brushing. The extended time between uses allows the brush to dry more completely and this hinders any bacteria present from reproducing.
  • Various types of tea can help to eliminate bad breath – these include peppermint, aniseed, caraway, cinnamon and even green tea. Scientific research has shown that a substance call polyphenol which is present in some teas can be very helpful in inhibiting bacterial growth in the mouth. Bentoforte can also be mixed with tea.
  • Chewing gum helps. The beneficial effect is actually not from the fresh taste but rather the increased production of saliva.
  • Chlorophyl tablets can be used to treat bad breath. Ask your pharmacist.
  • Cloves, fennel seed and aniseed can be helpful in preventing bad breath when chewed between meals.
  • When used 2 or 3 times per week, Bentoforte helps to prevent bad breath. Bad breath doesn't have a chance.

Bentoforte helps you to be rid of bad breath…and the results last!

Bentoforte from fangocur:

  • quickly eliminates bacteria colonies living in the mouth and throat
  • fights inflammation (e.g. gum inflammation) and promotes healing
  • absorbs foul smelling metabolic waste products in the digestive tract
  • normalises the digestive system
  • promotes a healthy environment in the mouth and throat
  • provides essential nutrients

Use Bentoforte to quickly and dependably eliminate bad breath now and prevent it from recurring in the future.

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