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Heartburn Relief
Scientifically Proven Remedy for Stubborn Heartburn (Acid Ruflux) Fights the Condition Naturally

Wondering what you can do about heartburn (acid reflux)? Bentomed neutralises stomach acid and fights the acid reflux and nausea in a natural way
To restore the acid-base balance in the stomach and be rid of heartburn (acid reflux), use Bentomed twice per day
The heartburn (acid reflux) remedy restores the natural stomach acid balance
To neutralise the aggressive stomach acid that accompanies heartburn (acid reflux), simply mix the Bentomed with water and drink
The trusted remedy for heartburn and acid reflux: Bentomed from fangocur 

Bentomed from fangocur is uniquely able to speed up the movement of the acidic contents of the food out of the stomach as well as neutralize stomach acid (basic effect). In this way, the more stubborn symptoms of heartburn are countered. The associated acid reflux along without other complaints like stomach pressure and nausea are counteracted.

Bentomed quickly and dependably fights the acute symptoms and is effective in preventing trouble in the future.

How does fangocur Bentomed work to prevent heartburn?

The high mineral content ingredients in Bentomed help to restore the natural acid-base balance in the stomach and likewise normalise digestion. New occurrences of heartburn (acid reflux) are prevented before they can appear.

Bentomed from fangocur:

  • is a pure and all-natural product (with highly effective fango healing clay, barley grass and herbal essences)
  • contains no chemical additives
  • has been recognised for its effectiveness in university research
Bentomed speeds up the proper passage of acidic foodstuffs out of the stomach and neutralises aggressive stomach acid.
Heartburn and related symptoms like acid reflux and nausea are effectively counteracted.
Digestion is normalised and the proper acid-base balance is restored – new occurrences of heartburn (acid reflux) are prevented.

Now you can be rid of heartburn naturally and feel good again!

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