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Bloating, Flatulence, Gas
Gas and Bloating – Use Bentomed for Fast and Dependable Relief from Flatulence

Quick and dependable relief from gas and bloating – you need fangocur Bentomed
Bentomed from fangocur provides fast, dependable and most importantly lasting relief

It can be very uncomfortable, and very difficult to talk about: gas. The medical term for this digestive symptom is flatulence, and almost a third of people suffer with the condition.

Having a bit of gas from time to time can be irritating (or embarrassing), but it's harmless. The excessive production and accumulation of gas in the digestive system can be very irritating. A build-up of gas (causing the intestines to inflate like a balloon can cause sometimes severe abdominal pain.

Our proven natural remedy for heartburn, fangocur Bentomed, delivers fast and dependable relief.

How does Bentomed fight gas and bloating?

Bentomed from fangocur takes up larges quanitities of gas, thus immediately reducing the amount of gas in the stomach and intestinal tract. In this way, acute flatulence or gas is quickly eliminated. The bloated feeling also goes away, and together with it that feeling or fullness or pressure.

In addition, the bacteria present intestinal tract can produce poisons, and these toxins are collected and passed in the stool.

The most important thing here is the normalising effect that Bentomed has on the complex digestive process. The naturally healthy digestive environment is restored with a short-term treatment of Bentomed. A digestive system that is in balance is subject only to less serious bouts of gas (and this is closely related to the diet). This kind of flatulence is actually necessary as it is how the body naturally gets rid of gas.

Digested is normalised, and you can finally feel good again!

How does one use Bentomed to fight gas and bloating?

In the morning and in the evening before going to bed, stir a teaspoon of fangocur Bentomed into a glass of water and allow it to steep for at least 10 minutes. It's even more effective if you prepare your Bentomed drink the day before.

In addition to using Bentomed for acute symptoms, you can also use it to prevent gas and bloating in the future. To do this, you should do a short-term therapeutic treatment lasting 3 weeks, take a 2 week break and then follow up with another 3 weeks of daily Bentomed use.

Is it a good idea to also use the Fango Sheets when treating gas and bloating?

It's best to use the Fango Sheets when symptoms such as bloating, cramping and abdominal pain are quite bad. A warm Fango Sheet applied to the abdomen is a time-tested method to reduce the discomfort.

The Fango Sheet is the "classic" among our natural products. It stimulates digestion and leads to a rapid decrease in the accumulated gas in the lower digestive tract (i.e. stomach, intestines, colon). It's an effective way to treat constipation, and it's clean and easy so you can use it almost anywhere. The Fango Sheets and Bentomed make an ideal combination.

Additional Tips and Information

More help in eliminating gas and bloating:

  • Eat slowly and chew thoroughly. It's important that saliva is mixed well with the food before swallowing.
  • Choose easily digestible foods. Foods which contain too much dietary fibre, hot or spicy foods and sweets as well as high-fat foods should be avoided. This includes too many raw vegetables – it's best to eat them blanched or steamed.
  • Set regular meal times – this leads to more regular bowel movements.
  • Avoid rushed eating, stress, nervousness and psychological strain as much as possible.
  • Regular physical activity does wonders for the digestion.
  • Don't eat after 7 p.m., and try to keep your evening meal light.
  • For abdominal pain and bloating, apply heat (Fango Sheets are ideal for this) and gentle abdominal massage which you can do yourself.
  • In the morning and in the evening, drink a fangocur Bentomed drink on an empty stomach. You'll soon feel much better.

If you suffer with bloating and a full feeling, possible accompanied by cramping, which does not seem to be related to eating (i.e. on an empty stomach, unresponsive to home remedies), urgent medical attention may be needed. In such cases, please consult a physician.

Many causes for gas and bloating

Gas and bloating generally result from the foods we eat. Beans can be one cause. Additionally digestive problems like an allergy to dairy products (whey allergy), histamine intolerance or lactose intolerance (allergy to milk sugar) can lead to serious flatulence. Likewise an allergy to gluten, also known as coeliac disease, can cause intense gas and bloating.

Additional causes of flatulence (gas and bloating):

  • Coffee
  • Nicotine
  • Fresh bread
  • Alcohol, beer in particular
  • Quitting smoking, due to the fact that some ingredients in cigarette smoke can work to speed digestion, so without these chemical cues the body struggles to again find it's natural balance. The result is often bloating, and one can even gain weight more easily directly after quitting smoking. It can take up to a year for the digestive system to normalise.
  • Onions, garlic, cabbage, legumes (e.g. beans, lentils, peas), unripe fruit, pickles and raw foods in general, heavy cream, soft serve ice cream, very cold foods and very fatty foods. Sweets and whole-grain products can also produce excess gas.
  • Foods that are high in dietary fibre which also have a high sugar content can cause gas and bloating. Some people have such a reaction with any sort of food which is high in sugar.
  • Food substitutes such as Sorbitol, and artificial sweetener can lead to flatulence.
  • Ready-to-eat foods and/or foods high in preservatives as well as heavily carbonated mineral water can be additional causes for gas and bloating.

Is gas and bloating dangerous?

If the flatulence is accompanied by abdominal pain, belching, nausea or there is a change in the nature of your stool, you should consult a physician and determine the cause. It can be a symptom of illnesses of the digestive system such as irritable bowel disease, dyspepsia, etc. Another consideration is the presence of Candida, a fungus which can infect the body (i.e. candidiasis). 

Bentomed from fangocur is a natural and effective remedy

Bentomed from fangocur provides fast and dependable relief, and it's 100% natural. Bentomed picks up gas present in the stomach and intestinal tract and encourages it to be eliminated naturally. The uncomfortable pressure and the bloated feeling are relieved. The action is physical and chemical. First, by its very nature the healing clay is very absorptive. Second, the contents of the healing clay act to normalise and rebalance the digestion. The effects are thus twofold: the absorption/elimination of gas and a reduction in the production of excess gas.

Relieve your gas and bloating with a fangocur Bentomed treatment!

Heat is also a very effective remedy for flatulence. The fangocur Fango Sheets are ideal for this use. They can be applied much warmer that a hot water bottle without feeling uncomfortable or burning. It provides a deeper warming which reaches the digestive organs and improves their function.

The double treatment with no side effects:

Use the natural health-promoting effects of fango healing clay together with barley grass and herbal essences to resolve constipation. Order fangocur Bentomed – the natural home remedy for constipation. There are no side effects!

Gossendorf Fango Sheets are also highly effective in the treatment of constipation.

This therapy for the digestive system is very effective and easy. It's the perfect at home treatment.

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