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Über fangocur
Magen Darm
Mund Rachen
Muskeln und Gelenke
Rid of Spots
100% Natural Mineral Mask is an Effective and Dependable Treatment for Blackheads, Pimples and Clogged Pores

Help for pimples, blackheads and bad skin
Simply apply to the pimples and blackheads
Large areas of the face or body can be treated with the Mineral Mask
Large areas of the face or body can be treated with the Mineral Mask

Pimples and blackheads plague more and more people today, caused in part by environmental as well as lifestyle pressures. This can of course lead to stress. Pimples and blackheads can be effectively treated.

What’s the long-term solution for blackheads and pimples?

The Acne Mineral Mask from fangocur provides lasting relief from pimples and blackheads. The highly effective ingredients (healing clay in it's purest form, rich in minerals and trace elements) work to clean, inhibit inflammation and kill harmful bacteria. Pimples and blackheads are quickly and dependable eliminated. Through regular use, the metabolism of the skin is brought back into balance – that also helps prevent new pimples from developing.

Solve your skin problem by addressing the root of the problem. Use the fangocur Mineral Mask to treat pimples and blackheads!

The Mineral Mask is:
  • 100% natural (highly effective fango healing clay)
  • contains no chemical additives (no side effects)
  • is university-approved for its effectiveness

Deep cleans the skin
Purifies and detoxifies
Kills bacteria and inhibits inflammation
Normalises the metabolism and increases circulation
Encourages beautiful and healthy skin

Along with your external treatment with the Acne Mineral Mask, add an internal treatment using Bentomed from fangocur. It detoxifies the body from the inside, lessening the demand on the skin to perform this vital role. This combination internal/external skin treatment increases the positive effects of the natural fango healing clay.

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