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To Pop or Not To Pop
Is it a good idea to squeeze pimples and blackheads?

It can be extremely tempting to poke and/or squeeze blackheads and pimples. The danger in doing this is that the condition can in fact worsen if one isn't very careful; i.e. the infection can spread to other pores and so too the inflammation. Additionally, putting pressure on pimples can cause them to open internally thus encouraging the pus to spread under the skin. When this happens, you don't notice right away – it's not until the area affected grows and worsens, perhaps accompanied by scarring, that the damage becomes apparent.

Maybe you've read somewhere that if you follow certain rules (hand washing, sterile needle, etc.), no harm can result. The fact is that you would never get such advice from a physician, and we also strongly advise that you avoid squeezing, poking or draining pimples or blackheads.

How does the fangocur Mineral Mask fight pimples and blackheads?

Our unique volcanic healing clay has a natural drawing effect, so in a mechanical sense the clay pulls bacteria, particles of dirt and excessive oil from the skin. In a way it works like a sponge, eliminating unwanted material from the skin.

At the same time, the special clay contained in the fangocur Mineral Mask contains minerals and enzymes. Due to these special ingredients, the healing clay is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory; i.e. it quickly and dependably kills harmful bacteria on/in the skin as well as decreasing the inflammation. The skin is thus deeply cleansed and regenerated – normal healthy skin function is returned.

Treating pimples and blackheads with fangocur

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