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Rosacea and Nutrition
Proper Nutrition and fangocur – A Winning Combination – Getting Rid of Rosacea

For a long time, a connection between nutrition and rosacea has been known though not scientifically proven. The experts do agree that nutrition greatly influences the health of the skin. It's clear that improper or poor nutrition can lead to worsening of skin conditions, and of course rosacea is included. Below you'll find some dietary advice, useful for improving the condition of the skin, lessening the severity of rosacea and improving the skin in general.

Rosacea and nutrition

Every person reacts to changes in temperature and sharp foods in the same way: the skin becomes red and/or flushed. This reaction is temporary and the skin slowly returns to normal. For those who suffer with rosacea, this dilation of the superficial blood vessels can be a lasting phenomenon – for this reason, it's a good idea for people who suffer with the skin condition to limit traumatic changes in skin circulation as much as possible.

For people with rosacea, it's advisable to allow food and drink which is served hot to cool a bit before it's enjoyed. It's also good to limit the amount of spicy foods one consumes. Spices like chilli, black pepper, red pepper, ginger, mustard and horseradish should be used with caution. Rosacea sufferers are also advised to avoid alcoholic beverages as these too lead to a flushing of the skin and can result in an outbreak of rosacea or a worsening of the condition if it already exists. Even coffee can have a negative influence on the skin condition (and the condition of the skin in general).

High GI (glycemic index) foods such as some corn goods, various breads and bakery items such as cakes, crackers and chips as well as sweets and candies release their energy rapidly and thus increase blood sugar levels and insulin production. This in turn affects the production of hormones which can lead to an increase in oil produced in the skin, clogging pores and providing a good environment for bacteria.

A diet rich in low GI foods such as many varieties of fruit and vegetables can play an important role in the treatment of rosacea.

Improve your diet and increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating excessive meat and animal fat. Avoid foods which are high in trans-fatty acids (processed oils). Instead use healthy oils like olive oil and those high in omega 3 fatty acids such as fish, linseed and nut oils. Pay special attention to the amount of water you drink – aim for 1.5 to 2 litres of pure water per day. Avoid too much fruit juice as this too can be quite high in sugar.

Some who suffer with rosacea react strongly to some foods; i.e. the symptoms become worse. This can only be discovered through trial-and-error – you simply pay a little extra attention to the relationship between your diet and the condition of your skin, and avoid foods that give you trouble.

Our Advice for Rosacea: Examine How You Eat and Improve Your Diet

The only way to find out if bad nutrition is the cause of your rosacea is to change your diet. Try to change one habit for a few weeks, for example avoid sugar (be sure to check the label!) or give up milk products. If you relapse or give up on your experiment during this time, you won't know if the new diet works – it takes weeks for the rosacea to heal.

If you're afraid that you might develop low blood sugar, have no fear. Fruits and fruit drinks without added sugar contain enough fructose to keep you healthy, and all the nutrients found in milk can also be found in other products which are easier to digest.

A diet with little or no meat and rich in other high quality foods certainly offers many health benefits. It improves the way you feel, your fitness level and you life expectancy. A better diet might resolve your rosacea – it's certainly worth a try!

The Role of Diet in Treating Rosacea

The influence of diet on the condition of the skin is obvious. Certain foods as well as alcohol can cause skin reactions like acne or a "break out". It's only a small step to see that nutrition can be important in the treatment of rosacea. In the past the foods in our diet were less processed, and with the rise in the industrialisation of the food production process since the 1950s came an increase in the rate of rosacea among teenagers. The connection seems clear.

Digestion is an important factor in many illnesses. This is all the more true for diseases of the skin – the skin is the largest metabolic and waste-eliminating organ of the body. It's really no wonder that the diet of today can exhaust and overwhelm the skin's ability to cope. A healthy diet results in healthier digestion, and that definitely has positive effects on the skin.

Nutrition and fangocur: An Unbeatable Way to Fight Rosacea!

In a related way, Bentomed from fangocur also plays an important role in the treatment of rosacea. The absorptive qualities help to remove toxins that have collected in the gastrointestinal tract (the digestive system). The ingredients (sulphur, minerals and electrolytes) help the body from the inside and out which leads to better health and better skin. Sulphur is especially important: it's a highly effective natural anti-inflammatory. Along with a better diet and an external treatment using the Mineral Mask, an inner detoxification can work wonders in treating the skin.

The optimal treatment for rosacea:

Use the fangocur Acne Mineral Mask  in combination with Bentomed. For daily cleaning of sensitive skin (i.e. rosacea), use the all-natural Acne Mineral Soap specially formulated for to clean gently – with no chemical additives. For everyday skin care, we recommend the fangocur Mineral Cream N°4. This skin cream is very gentle, making it a great addition to your fangocur treatment plan.

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