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Über fangocur
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Proper Skin Care
The fangocur Skin Care Concept for the Treatment of Rosacea/Couperose

Normalises hydration, smoothes and regenerate
Natural skin care specifically for rosacea/couperose
Excessive oil production is gently brought under control
Mineral Cream N¡4 is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving no oily residue behind
The Acne Mineral Soap is the ideal soap for those who suffer with rosacea/couperose
Daily natural cleansing of skin affected by acne rosacea/couperose
The Acne Mineral Soap is basic and does not dry the skin
Natural skin cleansing without chemical additives which can cause dry skin

The proper skin care is especially important for skin plagued with rosacea/couperose. The Acne Mineral Mask has been around for years and is well known as an effective and natural way to treat these skin conditions. Nonetheless, it's important to answer the more general question as to how best to gently care for skin plagued with rosacea/couperose without causing additional skin irritation.

Proper Skin Care with fangocur Mineral Cream N°4

The regular use of a moisturiser is crucial, and it's essential that the skin cream used is quickly and easily absorbed by the skin. It's important to avoid a build-up of oil on the surface of the skin. Additionally the skin cream used should contain no artificial ingredients or chemical additives as these can irritate or even damage sensitive skin.

Mineral Cream N°4 from fangocur meets all of these important requirements. It's up to the challenge of moisturising even very dry skin, and it is quickly and easily absorbed by the skin which is especially important for those with oily skin.

The Effects of fangocur Mineral Cream N°4 on Acne

Mineral Cream N°4 helps to restore the natural condition of the skin. It contains our well-known fango healing clay which is rich in trace elements and minerals. The unique ingredients of this healing clay fight inflammation, soothe irritated skin and work to prevent skin irritation, in particular the pustules and papules often associated with acne rosacea.

Mineral Cream N°4 is ideal for use as an everyday skin cream. It contains no artificial additives, colours or preservatives. The quality of the contents is protected by a high quality airtight dispenser. Of course, absolutely no animal testing is used in the development or production of our skin creams.

Using fangocur Mineral Cream N°4 for Rosacea/Couperose

The Mineral Cream should be applied to clean skin in the morning and evening. Avoid application to the very sensitive skin around the eyes. It's best to avoid application of the skin cream immediately after using the Acne Mineral Mask to treat rosacea/couperose. If the skin feels uncomfortably dry after removal of the Mineral Mask, a light application of the Mineral Cream is permissible.

Before applying Mineral Cream N°4, a natural and gentle skin cleansing is essential. The Acne Mineral Soap is ideal for this purpose.

fangocur Mineral Cream N°4

Skin Cleansing with the Acne Mineral Soap from fangocur

When cleaning skin which is affected by rosacea/couperose a gentle cleansing is essential, but it's also important that the skin is thoroughly cleaned. Most common soaps tend to dry the skin -- it's best to use the basic Acne Mineral Soap. It doesn't dry the skin; rather it enhances hydration and supports the natural lipid metabolism of the skin.

Wash mornings and evenings with the Acne Mineral Soap. It's very economical – it can be used for the entire body and it's also suitable for use as a shampoo.

fangocur Acne Mineral Soap

Regular Deep Cleaning with the Acne Mineral Mask from fangocur

The Acne Mineral Mask from fangocur is well-known as an effective treatment for rosacea/couperose. A proper treatment using the Acne Mineral Mask should last several weeks – in this way the skin is cleared of rosacea/couperose for the long term. Following a more intensive treatment, we recommend a deep cleansing of the skin once or twice per week using the Acne Mineral Mask as this encourages the skin to remain healthy. The natural metabolism of the skin is supported and a return of the rosacea/couperose can be avoided.

fangocur Acne Mineral Mask

The natural skin care concept from fangocur includes:
  1. Regular deep cleansing of the skin (once or twice per week) with the Acne Mineral Mask
  2. Daily skin cleaning (mornings and evenings) with the Acne Mineral Soap
  3. Daily skin care (mornings and evenings) with the Mineral Cream N°4

Bentomed from fangocur supports the treatment of rosacea/couperose as it works from the inside out. For this reason, we recommend an intensive treatment with Bentomed 2-3 times per year.

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