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Rid of Bad Breath
Fighting bad breath is easy with Bentoforte
Bentoforte from fangocur is pure and natural
Use Bentoforte to treat bad breath – it's fast and dependable, and it also helps to prevent bad breath
Bentoforte eliminates the cause of bad breath
Rid of Bad Breath

Use Bentoforte to fight your bad breath.

- It's fast.
- It's 100% natural.

Bentoforte from fangocur addresses the cause of bad breath

Causes of bad breath include inflammation and excess bacteria in the mouth and throat. Bentoforte from fangocur kills harmful microorganisms (bactericidal) and reduces inflammation. It fights the buildup of bacteria in the mouth and throat along with any local inflammation present. It also helps to normalise digestion, addressing foul odours coming from the digestive system.

Bentoforte is naturally effective – bad breath doesn't have a chance

Bentoforte fights the bacteria living in the mouth as well as any swelling present. This means that the breeding of bacteria is inhibited, resulting in fresher breath. After completing a short-term therapeutic treatment (3 weeks), you only need to use rinse and gargle Bentoforte 2 or 3 times per week.Bentoforte is both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory so it eliminates bacteria in the mouth and throat and inhibits inflammation (e.g. gum inflammation) – that promotes healing. Bentoforte also absorbs the foul smelling waste products in the digestive tract so they can be passed naturally in the stool.

Bentoforte from fangocur:

  • is a pure and all-natural product (with highly effective fango healing clay, barley and herbal extracts)
  • contains no chemical additives
  • has been recognised for its effectiveness in university research

Fight your bad breath now and also address the deeper causes of bad breath!

Bentoforte from fangocur effectively addresses problems in even hard to reach areas of the mouth and throat, fighting bacteria and reducing inflammation.

Large quantities of foul smelling metabolic waste products are absorbed by Bentoforte from fangocur, and then passed naturally in the stool.
Bentoforte from fangocur encourages a healthier oral environment, thus helping to prevent bad breath in the future.

AN ADDITIONAL TIP: The mouth sprays from fangocur.healthplement the use of Bentoforte to treat bad breath, ensuring that you'll have fresh breath fast. They are bactericidal and also fight foul odours resulting from food or beverages with a more intense smell. You should always have a mouth spray from fangocur on hand so that you can have fresh breath anytime. Try the Mouth Spray FRESH and the Mouth Spray STRONG from fangocur and enjoy lasting fresh breath now.

Legal Notice
The products from fangocur are not intended to replace treatments or products recommended by your physician.

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