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Natural Mouth Sprays
Rid of Bad Breath – The STRONG und FRESH Mouth Sprays from fangocur

Many people suffer from bad breath, also known as halitosis. This is not only uncomfortable for the person who has the bad breath – those nearby also have to suffer with the unpleasant odour. Mints or other quick cures don't really help, and you can't brush your teeth all the time. The effects of common mouth sprays just don't last as they don't address the deeper cause of the problem.

The products that are normally used to fight bad breath tend to just deliver an intense and short-lived sensation of freshness. Mouth Spray FRESH and Mouth Spray STRONG deliver long-lasting fresh breath, and at the same time they address the root of the problem. The mouth sprays from fangocur are both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, so they work to eliminate bacteria in the mouth and throat. Foul smelling metabolic waste products are taken up and passed out of the body naturally while the entire digestive system is encouraged to return to normal. Our mouth sprays promote a more healthy environment in the mouth and throat.

The mouth sprays from fangocur are gentle, effective and fast-acting!

One thing that makes the Mouth Spray FRESH and Mouth Spray STRONG so special is the fact that they contain only natural ingredients – no chemical additives, no artificial colouring and no preservatives. The alcohol and essential oils they contain are organically produced in the most natural way possible, delivering a very special unique of freshness in your mouth and at the same time not harming the sensitive oral environment.

Mouth Spray FRESH and Mouth Spray STRONG

Mouth Spray FRESH: This mouth spray can be used every day for acute or chronic bad breath. It has anti-bacterial effects and quickly delivers fresh breath you can depend on

Mouth Spray STRONG: You'll notice the stronger anti-bacterial effects of this mouth spray. Again it can be used for both acute bad breath and chronic bad breath. You can rely on extra fresh breath that lasts and lasts


Try a combination treatment that includes Bentoforte from fangocur. When used together with the Mouth Spray FRESH or Mouth Spray STRONG, you'll be free of your bad breath for good.

How to best use Mouth Spray FRESH and Mouth Spray STRONG from fangocur

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The products from fangocur are not intended to replace treatments or products recommended by your physician.

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