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Using the Mouth Sprays

How do the fangocur mouth sprays work to eliminate bad breath?

Intense bad breath such as morning breath or foul smelling breath after eating or drinking are known as acute bad breath. This is normally only short-term…it doesn't last.

On the contrary, bad breath can also be caused by the bacterial decomposition of organic material that remains in the mouth due to improper oral hygiene. This condition is longer in duration and is also known as chronic bad breath.

One very effective thing you can do to fight bad breath is to use the Mouth Spray FRESH or the Mouth Spray STRONG from fangocur. They are both quick and dependable against problem breath, leaving you with fresh breath that everyone you're in contact with will enjoy. The mouth sprays are so easy to use – fresh and pleasant breath is on the way!

Whether acute bad breath or chronic bad breath, fangocur has the fresh breath solution!

How to use the mouth sprays from fangocur

The Mouth Spray FRESH and Mouth Spray STRONG are intended to be used as needed, whenever you need to be sure that your breath is fresh. Two or three sprays immediately deliver pleasant breath that lasts.

The mouth sprays from fangocur freshen the oral environment while causing no harm. It's a good idea to use one of the mouth sprays immediately after eating or drinking, or as part of a combination therapy together with Bentoforte from fangocur.

In addition to eliminating acute bad breath, Bentoforte from fangocur also fights inflammation (for example swollen gums) and is anti-bacterial. It helps to restore a healthy environment in the mouth and throat.

How to use fangocur Bentoforte

Stir a teaspoon of Bentoforte into 1/8 litre of water and allow it to steep for about 10 minutes. Before using stir it again Rinse your mouth with Bentoforte and gargle for a bit  to allow for greater disinfecting effects in the mouth and throat. Gargling also reaches areas deeper in the mouth and throat. Next swallow the Bentoforte drink (don't spit it out) to further disinfect the throat area and also treat the digestive tract.

After using Bentoforte, you should wait approximately one half hour before eating or drinking. Use Bentoforte for three weeks in the morning and evening after brushing your teeth. After taking a one week break, repeat the treatment as before but this time for only a week. To prevent bad breath, rinse and gargle with Bentoforte two or three times a week. To ensure longer lasting benefits, repeating this treatment every three or four months is recommended.

An effective combination for bad breath: Bentoforte and fangocur mouth spray!

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