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Canker Sores / Oral Herpes
Quick Help for Oral Herpes and Canker Sores (Ulcers in the Mouth)

First gently dry the area affected with a tissue or cotton swab

Evenly apply a very small amount of the cream

The Mineral Herpes Cream can dry out the blister like a sponge

The quality glass jar protects the valuable contents

If you suffer with herpes, you're already well aware of all the annoying smearing and dabbing on of products intended to help. Such products don't lessen the duration of the herpes outbreak; instead they have a short lasting pain relieving effect.

In contrast, the Mineral Herpes Cream from fangocur fights not only the pain but also the itching and too-tight feeling commonly related to  cold sores or fever blisters. In addition, the outbreaks heal more quickly. The bactericidal and absorptive qualities of the healing clay mean that the inflammation caused by the herpes virus is addressed in an effective way that is fast, efficient and 100% natural. The essential oils contained, in particular the bio (lemon) balm essence, supports the effects of the healing clay.

The fangocur Mineral Herpes Cream provides fast and dependable relief!

Apply the fangocur Mineral Herpes Cream to the affected area at the first sign of an outbreak – when you notice that itching, tight, tingling feeling. A thin application is all that's needed, then just allow it to work. You'll quickly note how the Mineral Herpes Cream seems to be drying out the sore, similarly to a sponge, while it disinfects the area and fights inflammation. If the inflammation is brought down quickly enough, its possible that the herpes outbreak or other type of oral sore will simply not develop further.

If you're already experiencing an oral herpes outbreak and use the Mineral Herpes Cream, a crust will quickly develop over the herpes sore and this will speed the healing. Likewise, new skin will more quickly form to cover a sore within the mouth (oral ulcer).

The Mineral Herpes Mineral Cream from fangocur:

Fights the pain, itching and tight feeling in the affected area
Lessens the duration of the outbreak
When used at the first sign of symptoms, can shorten the duration of the outbreak

Always keep the fangocur Mineral Herpes Cream on hand!

: Improve the overall health of your mouth with our natural products (e.g. the sodium lauryl sulphate contained in the fangocur toothpastes was proven to reduce the duration of an oral ulcer outbreak by 64% in a study conducted by the Indiana University School of Dentistry). By using natural products, you can avoid exposing the sensitive mucus lining of the mouth to artificial substances, thus better maintaining a healthy and balanced oral environment.

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Legal Notice:
fangocur products are not intended to replace medications or other products that have been recommended by your physician.

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