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Eczema (Dermatitis)
Eczema (Dermatitis) and Itching – Quick and Dependable Relief with the Curative Mineral Mask

The Curative Mineral Mask is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, fights inflammation and soothes the often intense itching
The Curative Mineral Mask is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, fights inflammation and soothes the often intense itching
Eczema normally develops in more or less the same way. First the skin becomes red, then small blisters form which eventually open and weep. Finally there is crusting over and flaking of the skin.

Acute eczema is better known as dermatitis. If the eczema returns again and again, it's referred to as chronic eczema. It's also possible that the skin condition is in different phases of development on different parts of the body at the same time, for example some areas may simply be red while another is already crusting over.

The main problems associated with eczema are the frequently intense itching and the tendency of the skin in the area of the outbreak to develop bacterial or fungal infections as the skin in these areas is very sensitive and vulnerable. The result is often weeping or bleeding. This skin reaction, the purpose of which is to aid in healing, can create an ideal environment for bacteria, fungus and other harmful micro-organisms. Naturally such infections only worsen the condition of the skin – such a vicious cycle inevitably leads to a continuation of the symptoms.

The Curative Mineral Mask is effective against bacteria and other micro-organisms, fights inflammation and soothes the itch. That's the way to get rid of eczema.

What causes eczema?

There is always a trigger for the development of eczema. This can be something outside the body (an exogenous trigger) or something within the body (an endogenous trigger, in which case the skin condition might be called endogenous eczema).

If the trigger is external, the skin condition is referred to as contact dermatitis. This can either be caused by contact with an allergen (i.e. allergic contact dermatitis) or by contact with an irritant (i.e. irritant contact dermatitis).

If the cause of the skin condition is internal it is called atopic eczema. This condition is also referred to as atopic dermatitis (you can find more information about this condition under "Treating Dermatitis").

How does the Curative Mineral Mask work to eliminate eczema (dermatitis)?

1. It fights inflammation.

Skin inflammation is eliminated and the swelling stays away. This encourages the healing process.

2. It kills harmful micro-organisms.

Bacteria, fungus and other micro-organisms are eliminated thanks to the anti-microbial action of the Curative Mineral Mask. This puts a stop to the vicious cycle in which the skin never really gets the chance to properly heal.

3. It soothes the itch and helps to restore the skin's own protective mechanisms.

The Mineral Mask contains a uniquely effective combination of minerals such as sulphur, silica, iron, magnesium, aluminium, calcium and potassium as well as a number of trace elements. These natural ingredients, along with specially selected and naturally pure essential oils, work to soothe the intense itching. When first starting the treatment, it's possible that the itching becomes worse, but this is only temporary. The skin is encouraged to quickly heal and the affected areas are able to regenerate.

Thanks to the comprehensive effectiveness of the Curative Mineral Mask, the eczema is quickly and dependably eliminated…and the effects last.

How does one use the Curative Mineral Mask?

It's best to treat the areas affected by eczema (dermatitis) in the evening. Apply the mask, allow it to work for about 30 minutes, then wash off using warm water and a fine-pored natural sea sponge. Avoid using skin cream, lotion, oil or other product following the treatment. This allows the skin to naturally rebalance itself and return to normal healthy function.

If you experience itching during the treatment, simply remove the mask – any itching will be short-term and will quickly go away. In any case you should repeat the treatment daily. Don't be concerned if you notice that the skin feels dry. This is a desired effect of the Curative Mineral Mask and it won't cause any harm.

What else can one do to clean the skin well?

Skin affected by eczema is very sensitive and can be harmed by the aggressive chemicals added to many soaps. For daily skin cleaning, you need an effective soap that has been developed especially for eczema. You should wash morning and night (before applying the mask) using a soap especially developed for sensitive skin – the Curative Mineral Soap from fangocur. The all-natural Curative Mineral Soap contains no chemical additives. It's made from our well-known fango healing clay and supports the complete treatment of eczema. This special soap helps to keep the skin from becoming dry, in contrast to other soaps or shower gels which tend to draw moisture from the skin. It's important that the skin maintains it's ability to hydrate naturally, protected by its own natural oils. The Curative Mineral soap encourages this natural balance. 

The Curative Mineral Soap from fangocur is the optimal addition to your treatment of eczema with the Curative Mineral Mask.

What else can be done to care for the skin?

As the skin of people who suffer eczema is often very dry, rough and chapped, regular moisturising is important. It's crucial to keep in mind that such skin is extremely sensitive, so the skin cream or lotion used should contain no chemical additives or artificial ingredients as they can further irritate and injure the skin.

The fangocur Mineral Cream N°5 thoroughly moisturises the skin. It is quickly absorbed and is effective in killing harmful micro-organisms and reducing inflammation. Irritated skin is quickly soothed. Apply the Mineral Cream N°5 in the morning and evening to clean skin (ideally after washing with the Curative Mineral Soap). The Mineral Cream contains our renowned fango healing clay – it's a great addition to the skin care plan of those who suffer with eczema.

Especially for Babies and Young Children: The Curative Mineral Mask for Babies

There's a special mineral mask for babies and young children who suffer with eczema and other skin conditions: the Curative Mineral Mask for Babies.

Additional Skin Care Tips for People with Eczema

  • Avoid contact with items/substances known to trigger an outbreak.
  • Wear gloves when working with potential skin irritants.
  • Keep in mind that contact dermatitis/eczema tends to flare up when the skin is irritated or injured, even if only slightly. Good skin care should also involve protecting the skin. Use our special Curative Mineral Soap. It thoroughly yet gently cleanses the skin and helps the skin to rid itself of metabolic waste products. As it is basic (i.e. alkaline) it enhances skin moisture content – this effect can last for 2-3 hours. During this time, the natural water-lipid covering of the skin has a chance to regenerate. The skin is thus more able to maintain proper hydration. The skin is naturally cleaned but not dried out and the sulphur and other minerals in the soap fight inflammation.
  • Scratching makes the eczema worse. Try gently brushing the skin to get rid of the itch.
  • It's best to only wear cotton or linen over the affected areas. Wool and synthetic fabrics tend to make the itch worse.
  • In many cases the eczema is worsened by psychological stress. Try to keep stress levels to a minimum.
  • It can be beneficial for babies, especially those who may have inherited the tendency to develop eczema, to breast feed for an extended period. This can actually lessen the chances of allergies and eczema.

The effectiveness of the Curative Mineral Mask in treating eczema (dermatitis) has been confirmed in a medical/balneological report from the University of Vienna.

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