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Muskeln und Gelenke
Joints and Discs
The Path to a Healthy Living

Dr Eduard Lanz is renowned worldwide for his expertise

Many people suffer with degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis and disc damage

The two capsule system from ArthroDisc - red and green

Sooner or later, when the body sends warning signals like pain and inflammation, symptoms that suggest the onset of degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis or disc prolapse, one has to make a decision:

Do I want to put my faith solely in the world of medications and surgery, or do I want to take responsibility for myself and actively take part in solving my problem?

One's Personal Responsibility – Improving the Pillars of Health

Whether one wants to remain healthy for as long as possible for restore good health, one has to actively attend to the pillars of good health: physical activity and nutrition. Medications and surgery can be helpful in repairing the body, but they are no replacement for doing what one can to remedy existing problems or prevent problems from occurring.

Modern Medicine – Reality or Ideal?

Tell the truth. If you have some tension are you more likely to do some stretching or take pill to relax and be free of pain? How often has a doctor recommended some movement exercises to you, told you exactly how to improve your diet or suggested some supplements to take? Have you always simply wanted a prescription for something to solve your problems?

It's our own fault that our doctors are often resigned to adhering to the current healthcare regime, fixing what's broken through the use of drugs and surgery.

Here the inner healing power of the body, given application of the pillars of good health, could be more effective than you might at first think.

Improving the Pillars of Good Health: Nutrition

The way we live today all too often includes intense strain from the environment and toxins in our foods as well as general physical and mental stress. This makes taking supplements a necessity, and not something that simply helps us to meet minimal dietary standards. At the same time, the amount of vitamins and nutrients in the foods we eat has fallen drastically due to industrial processing methods, depleted soil, air pollution, long storage times and shorter growing times. For these reasons, we recommend that you supplement your diet with ArthroDisc. Take two red capsules in the morning and two green capsules in the evening. Here's a special tip: save some money and order the less expensive double pack straight away. Following, we recommend that you take one red capsule in the morning and one green capsule in the evening with meals at least twice per year. For this you'll need one package of ArthroDisc capsules (120 caps). ArthroDisc can also be taken on an ongoing basis.

Improving the Pillars of Good Health: Physical Activity

The functional body can be thought of as being the only organ in the human body that we have direct control over. We cannot give direct commands to our livers, or kidneys or our hearts, but we can certainly cause our bodies to take immediate action . Through the use of exercises to stretch overly tight muscles, strengthen weak muscle groups or mobilise the joints, we can achieve a functional improvement in how our bodies work. If you'd like to learn more, we recommend that you have a look at the book by Dr Eduard Lanz entitled "DKB System".

ArthroDisc – Developed by Sports Physicians

Working together with other specialists in the field, leading orthopaedist and sports physician Dr Eduard Lanz developed ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules:

"In my work as team doctor in which I was responsible for many career athletes, I was always involved in the complex field of diet supplements. I developed ArthroDisc for my own patients so that people could take more personal responsibility for the condition of their bodies via the second pillar of good health, nutrition, just as they can for physical activity."

Dr Eduard Lanz

ArthroDisc contains the following important ingredieants:

- Glucosamine sulphate
- Chondroitine sulphate
- Hydrolysed collagen
- L-cysteine
- Vitamin C
- Bamboo extract
- Corral calcium
- Rose hip powder
- Manganese
- Vitamin B6
- Vitamin D3

AthroDisc is free of sugar or sweeteners as well as lactose, yeast, gluten, purine, iodine, artificial colouring and preservatives.

ArthroDisc is produced in Germany.

Important for top athletes: ArthroDisc is guaranteed to be free of substances that violate doping regulations!

Dietary supplements are not intended to replace a balanced and varied diet along with a healthy lifestyle.

Legal Notice
The products from fangocur are not intended to replace medications or other treatments that have been recommended by your physician.

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