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Effects and Use


Almost a third of people suffer with the condition commonly known as wind or gas. The medical term for this uncomfortable and annoying condition is flatulence, and for many it's a taboo subject.

Flatulence is generally harmless, but nonetheless it can be embarrassing and irritating. The cause is the overproduction and build-up of gas in the digestive system, and it can really be tortuous. This collection of gas can cause the intestines to blow up like a balloon, and it can also lead to severe abdominal pain.

Bentomed is a proven remedy for flatulence.

How does Bentomed work to fight excess gas? 

Bentomed from fangocur has the capacity to bind to large quantities of gas, thus immediately reducing the amount of gas present in the stomach and intestinal tract. In this way, acute flatulence is addressed, reducing uncomfortable symptoms like abdominal pressure and that too full feeling.

Micro-organisms in the digestive system can generate poisonous substances, and these toxins are taken up by Bentomed and encouraged to pass out of the body in the stool. The most important benefit of Bentomed is normalisation of the complex digestive process. With the short-term therapeutic use of Bentomed, the natural environment in the gut is restored. The natural balance of the digestive system should only produce a little gas, and this is somewhat dependent on what one eats. This kind of "flatulence" (i.e. wind or gas) is necessary though, as it is a means for the body to be rid of excess gas.

A balanced digestive system means that you feel better.

How does one use Bentomed for flatulence?

For acute flatulence or a feeling or fullness, stir a heaping teaspoon of Bentomed into a glass of water and drink it. For short-term therapeutic use, you can use Bentomed daily in the morning after waking and in the evening just before bed. In this case, stir a heaping teaspoon of fangocur Bentomed into a glass of water and allow it to steep for at least 10 minutes. Then drink the Bentomed drink, stirring it occasionally.

Tip: To further increase the effectiveness of Bentomed, prepare it the day before. After you complete one three week treatment cycle, you should take a break of two weeks. Depending on how well you're doing after the break, you may want to repeat the three weeks of daily Bentomed use.

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