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Rid of Flatulence


Here's your natural solution to the problem of often embarrassing and painful flatulence (also known as wind or gas): fangocur Bentomed!

Flatulence, a full feeling, abdominal pain and bloating can all make everyday life into a torture. More and more people are being affected by this all too common ailment. Stress and pressure to do more and more are on the increase, both in people's personal and professional lives. Our natural digestive balance suffers as a result, and wind/gas is the unpleasant outcome.

Bentomed is fast and effective against flatulence!

As it's a drink, it is distributed well throughout the digestive system.
It's fast and effective.
It works in 2 phases to address the deeper cause of flatulence.

Phase 1: Rid of the Symptoms

In the first step, fangocur Bentomed goes after the cause of the symptoms: excess gas in the stomach and intestinal tract are absorbed so your acute symptoms are addressed. It works to rid you of abdominal pain, fullness and bloating.

Phase 2: Normalising Digestion

In the second step, the natural intestinal environment is restored and the digestive system is encouraged to return to normal. This is important in preventing gas/wind in the future.

Bentomed from fangocur contains only pure and natural ingredients (healing clay, barley and herbal essences). There is nothing artificial. It is thus easily tolerated – it's been proven to work* with the power of nature.

When the digestion is naturally regulated, there is no flatulence!


For more intense symptoms such as severe bloating or painful cramping, you should also use our tried and tested Fango Sheets. In contrast to normal hot water bottles, our thermal clay packs can be applied to the skin at very high temperatures (up to 45°) without the feeling that it's uncomfortably hot. This means that a deep heating results that reaches the digestive organs and fights your symptoms.

*Confirmed in university research.

Legal Notice
The products from fangocur are not intended to replace treatments or products recommended by your physician.

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