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News – Current
Here you'll find an overview of news from fangocur.
Sage has been in use for medicinal purposes for more than two thousand years 26.09.2022
This plant should be in every garden!
Even in ancient times, this very plant that we would like to introduce to you today was very valued for its amazing positive effects on body and mind alike. Moreover, it is actually quite robust and grows well in dry soil and bright sunlight.
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The fangocur Mineral Gentle Shower Gel is an everyday wellness experience 19.09.2022
Discover the naturally organic shower gel from fangocur!
This is something we all generally use daily, and it comes into contact with the largest organ of the body. These facts suggest that the use of these products deserves more attention, but most people don't give it much thought. Today we'll be looking at what you ought to be keeping in mind in order to choose the best option for you.
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Just a few steps included in everyday life support the health of our hearts 12.09.2022
A Heart Health How-To
Heart problems are a very prevalent phenomenon in the world of today. Such conditions reduce the quality of life of those affected, sometimes to extremes, keeping medical professional busy as they seek to address cardiac illness in all its forms. Unfortunately in some cases, heart disease can even lead to premature death. That said, there is so much that we can do ourselves to keep our hearts and circulatory systems working well! Today you'll be learning just how simple it can be to maintain cardiovascular health.
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Proper chewing keeps one thin and healthy 05.09.2022
Thin and Healthy Through Better Chewing
Not only what we eat and portion sizes define healthy eating – how one eats is also important. Are we eating too quickly, perhaps in a stressful environment, and thus not really focusing on chewing? Conversely, do we choose to allow time for our meals and eat in a relaxed way, and relatedly chew our food thoroughly. It's clear to everyone which of these is the better option, so the question is really how to break bad habits. Moreover, why should we be paying attention to chewing enough? These are the questions we're addressing today.
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Vinegar is one of oxymel's main ingredients 29.08.2022
Have you heard of oxymel?
Today we'll be introducing you to a natural tonic that boosts your immune system, detoxifies your body and fights fever. This healthy drink is known as "oxymel". It's easy to make, and it's been in use since the days of Hippocrates.
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