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Neutralising and Detoxifying the Blood – The Effects of Fango Healing Clay
(28.11.2007) back
Rich in minerals and enzymes: blood purification, pH neutralising, detoxification
After a rainfall one can clearly see the mineral content of fango healing clay
Fango healing clay cleans and detoxifies the blood via the enzymes it contains and its negative charge.

After a period of rainfall one can see just how rich in minerals the fango healing clay actually is. Standing water at a site where the healing clay is harvested becomes yellow-brown in color. This special clay is also rich in enzymes and is an effective way to purify the blood and neutralise blood pH.

Enzymes help to detoxify the body, they're important in normal digestive function and they play a role in respiration and blood cleansing. Enzymes also add to the effects of vitamins and help in wound healing. A few of the enzymes present in healing clay have the capacity to bind to oxygen, simultaneously helping in cleaning the blood and also the supplying of oxygen. When in a fluid solution, the tiny particles of fango healing clay have a negative electrical charge and thus they attract positively charged particles. Most toxins in the body have a positive charge, meaning that they are taken up by the healing clay particles. In this way toxins are absorbed, neutralised and passed out of the body. This binding and removal occurs in the blood, lymph and bile. A deeper cause of the development of many illnesses is the fouling of metabolic processes by toxins in the blood.

Fango healing clay is alkaline and so helpful in cases of excess acidity – it helps to neutralise the blood and the stomach environment

As the substances present in the blood are about 20% acidic and about 80% basic or alkaline, the pH of the blood is slightly basic at 7.4. If the acid content of the blood climbs too high, the resulting condition is know as acidosis. If the body's tissue becomes too acidic, the red blood cells can effectively become less flexible and possible stuck in the capillaries. This acidosis reaction is harmful to the body. Healing clay also helps to normalise the acidity of the stomach. It neutralises nitrogen containing metabolic waste products and eliminates excess acidity – this of course also balances the pH level of the blood. Fango healing clay only takes up excess acid as a too neutral state is also not healthy. In healing clays coming from volcanic regions, for example fango healing clay, one also finds iodine, another substance that counters excess blood acidity.

Only gently harvested healing clay in the most natural form available can be so effective

Fango healing clay from fangocur is not a commonly available base or alkaline powder. As a healing clay, it is a complex substance with a variety of complex effects. Its quality remains high due to the gentle harvesting methods used. This allows the full healing effects to come into play, making it helpful in addressing a number of conditions. Use of fango healing clay helps encourage the body's own power to heal itself.

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