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What To Do About Your Tired Skin
(13.12.2007) back
fangocur is a naturally effective way to reactivate your
Fango healing clay revitalises your tired skin leaving you looking fit and energised
fangocur leaves you with a more glowing, fresh and younger looking complexion – better skin after the very first use
A slight reddening is a sign of increased circulation – your skin becomes more active
The winter months are especially hard for your skin – your healthy glow has turned to pale and tired looking. Why look worse in the winter? Here are some useful tips for quickly improving your complexion.

Stressed as you shop for holiday gifts, the pollution of city streets, extreme temperature shifts as you repeatedly move from indoors to outdoors and not enough sleep – all these factors can lead to a tired appearance. Your skin can lose its youthful and fresh glow. We'd like to provide you with some tips for restoring your healthy complexion.

What is "tired" skin?

Your skins metabolism can fall out of balance for a variety of reasons, for example insufficient sunlight or warmth, poor air quality or bad ventilation, poorly functioning indoor heating and of course lacking sleep. Normal skin function slows down as circulation decreases – this results in paleness and lost skin tone. You could say that the skin is simply "tired" as the amount of positive stimulation is less…less sunshine, less physical activity, less fresh air.

What are some effective ways to keep your skin looking fresh without causing irritation?

During the winter months the metabolism of the skin is slower – a natural and non-irritating way to revitalise your appearance is what's needed. Artificial or oily products can lead to skin irritation, spots and blackheads. Our renowned fango healing clay, in the form of the Revitalising Mineral Mask, is naturally fast acting. You can count on it!

  • Increased circulation and fast restoration of your healthy glow
  • Activates the skin's metabolism
  • Increased circulation and metabolism supply the skin with needed nutrients
  • Removal of the mask has a unique peeling effect – dead skin is gently removed

What effects does the Revitalising Mineral Mask have on the skin?

After just one use you'll find that your complexion looks younger, more fresh and more attractive in general. The worse the condition of your skin before using the Revitalising Mineral Mask, the more noticeable the positive changes will be. You'll see and feel the difference. We recommend using fango healing clay from fangocur twice per week to revitalise your skin.

Additional Tips

One of the best things you can do is going for a brisk walk and enjoying some fresh air. Make sure to drink enough water, and you can also use cold water to energise your skin. When these new habits are combined with a fangocur treatment, the results can be truly amazing. You'll look younger and more full of vitality.

Wake up your skin now…and enjoy a fresh and healthy glow.

Try the Revitalising Mineral Mask!


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