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The fangocur Way – Utilising the Power of Healing Clay
(16.01.2008) back
The path to the healing clay in the foothills of south-eastern Austria
For your health and beauty – fango healing clay in the most natural and pure form available
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Our natural fango healing clay is of the highest quality. We follow strict guidelines in order to best utilise this natural healing wonder for improving both health and beauty.

Here are the 5 basic principles we follow in producing quality fangocur products.

1. Use only pure and high quality natural ingredients

A very special healing clay containing a multitude of natural substances should only be mixed with other quality ingredients. One example of this practice is our use of only high quality essential oils which are produced solely by biologically farming methods and are 100% natural.

2. Use of the gentlest possible production methods so as to not alter the makeup of our natural healing clay

A careless production process can damage many of the substances which are naturally contained in healing clay. Our products contain healing clay in the purest and most unaltered form available as we use only gentle production methods. For example the healing clay contained in the Mineral Drink is air-dried rather than artificially heated. The mineral-rich moisture of the clay is not lost in this process – it contains numerous minerals in a form which is more easily utilised by the body.

3. No animal testing

The development of our products involves absolutely no animal testing.

4. Proven effectiveness and strict adherence to content guidelines ensured by university testing

Healing clay is an effective treatment in many cases, but of course not in all. We only claim health benefits which have been scientifically confirmed and uses approved under governmental regulations.

5. Thorough and regular quality control analysis and testing

Official recognition and approval of our products is of course essential, but we also place a very high value on the positive results of the real people who use our products to treat a variety of conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis. The healing effectiveness must also be confirmed by individuals. Our products also undergo regular testing in order to monitor and confirm consistency.

These are the basic guidelines we follow in working with our special Gossendorf (Austria) healing clay. It’s our aim to ensure that the effectiveness of the natural ingredients remains optimal, from the production process to the time the products are used in your home. All healing clay is not the same – the effectiveness is the difference.

Fango healing clay has long been treasured for its effectiveness in healing.
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