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Successful Treatment of Psoriasis with fangocur
(27.01.2008) back
Stubborn psoriasis on her lower leg is healing thanks to fangocur
Sabine Strnad reports on very positive progress in treating her psoriasis
This week we received some very positive feedback from a fangocur customer. We're happy to report another successful psoriasis treatment!

We've already received a lot of positive feedback from people who suffer with psoriasis. Sabine Strnad had a particularly stubborn case of the skin condition. We'd like to share some of the details of her success in healing psoriasis using the Curative Mineral Mask from fangocur.

Mrs. Strnad had already tried many treatments and found that the effects never lasted for long. She found our mineral mask while surfing the internet. She decided to give it a try but noticed no improvement after the first few days – nonetheless she continued with the recommended treatment. After about a week, she noticed that the skin seemed to be regenerating from the outside in and areas of the psoriatic skin were fading to reveal new smooth skin. When we checked in with her last week, she reported the a large area had already healed. The skin in this area was smooth and felt soft and healthy. That was a big success for Frau Strnad – she's confident that if she continues with the therapy, she'll be free of psoriasis within a few weeks.

We're happy to hear that she's doing so well, and we hope to hear from her again soon with news that the psoriasis is completely healed. We'll let you know how things go regardless.

Such success can be attributed to our unique fango healing clay and the way it gently treats the skin. Primitive people used healing clay to heal wounds and to treat a variety of illnesses. Unfortunately this natural healing method was forgotten, but today more and more people are rediscovering its many healing benefits. All the products from fangocur are made from the best of the healing clays – it's pure and naturally rich in minerals. That's why it works so well, and why we can recommend it for stubborn skin conditions like psoriasis.

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