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How to Restore Healthy Balance to the Digestive System
(05.03.2008) back
A thorough cleansing and neutralisation of excessive acid can be extremely beneficial in treating digestive problems
Lasting and dependable relief from poor digestion, constipation and diarrhoea
Improper diet, stress and imbalance in our lives can lead to digestive problems. Many people suffer daily with poor digestion or diarrhoea.

It can be an all too easy to use medications when one struggles with digestive problems. This can bring the digestive system even more out of balance, which in turn leads to more stress. A balanced and well functioning digestive system becomes a memory when one gets into the seemingly endless vicious cycle of symptom-treament-symptom-treatment.

The best remedy for either poor digestion or diarrhoea is a change in dietary habits. Changes in the way you eat may not help though as the digestive system can be overwhelmed with toxins and excess acid…so much so that it's not able to efficiently make use of healthy food.

To improve digestive system balance, we recommend the following steps:

* Eliminate excess acid, metabolic waste products and toxins from the digestive system, and increase intestinal activity. This encourage the passing of intestinal contents – it can be unhealthy for partially digested foodstuffs to remain too long in the gut.
* Eat as well as possible, including a good amount of fruits, vegetables and whole wheat products. Try to avoid consuming too many fatty foods and sweets.
* Drink enough water. Water is optimal, and drinking small amounts throughout the day is best.

Eliminate excess acid and toxins from your digestive system and increase intestinal activity with the Mineral Drink from fangocur – rich in minerals and naturally high in dietary fibre.

The Mineral Drink from fangocur neutralises acid and cleanses the entire digestive tract, encouraging healthy digestive function as it is high in dietary fibre. The Mineral Drink encourages health digestive function, aids healing of the stomach and intestines and reduces inflammation.

TIP: After drinking the Mineral Drink, slowly drink a glass of water. This helps the body to stay well hydrated and improves metabolism.

Read more about the Mineral Drink here…
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