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Natural Healing Clay Effectively Fights Wrinkles and the Signs of Aging
(10.04.2008) back
The Anti-Aging Mask fights the signs of aging
A combination of natural healing clay and a unique blend of essential oils
All types of skin need sufficient oxygen and nutrients – the cosmetic industry offers many products to meet these needs, but there's only one product which eliminates harmful substances, resets the skin's metabolism and rids the skin of excess oil and sebum, allowing the skin to better absorb essential nutrients.

Throughout one's lifetime so much good is done for the skin from the outside. Unfortunately a deep cleansing – down to the pores and not just the surface – all to often does not get the attention it deserves.


What's so special about the Anti-Aging Mask from fangocur?

In contrast to commonly found products which only fight individual aspects of the skin's aging process, the Anti-Aging Mask from fangocur works holistically to address the skin problem. It's made from naturally pure fango healing clay and beneficial essential oils.

The Anti-Aging Mask from fangocur with fango healing clay

  • deeply cleanses the skin
  • purifies and detoxifies, limiting inflammation
  • normalises skin metabolism and increases circulation
  • improves the complexion
  • visibly smoothes the skin
  • promotes beautiful, healthy and younger looking skin

The natural functioning of the skin is encouraged – this is visible after using the mask as the skin slightly reddens. This reddening of the skin is only temporary and can last up to an hour.

A clearer complexion will be immediately noticeable as well as a rosy, softer and more youthful appearance. Your skin will feel more toned and refreshed!

Learn more about the fangocur Anti-Aging Mask

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