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Healthy Tip from fangocur: Skin Problems and Diet
(16.04.2008) back
A proper diet is important for healthy and beautiful skin
A healthy diet can have a significant impact on the health of the skin
One of the primary causes of skin problems is an improper diet. The foods we ear can be a major source of harmful and toxic substances entering the body.

A large amount of these substances must be metabolised and shed through the skin; a process that can strain the skin's normal function and balance. When the skin becomes overwhelmed it can change in appearance; i.e. spots, pimples, reddening and other signs of irritation appear.

Today we would like to encourage you to eat a more healthy diet – below you'll find some helpful suggestions.
  • Seek to significantly limit your consumption of sweets in all forms. Take the time to read food labels as often sugar is added to foods that you might not expect (as maltodextrin, glucose, fructose, etc.). You might try to completely avoid sweets for 3 days and reward yourself on the 4th day with a high quality delicious sweet like home-made cake made with quality ingredients.
  • If you really crave sweets, try satisfying your hunger with nuts or fruits.
  • Eat several smaller meals spread out over the course of the day.
  • Never go hungry or skip a meal. Eat until you feel satisfied but not full. It's especially important to never miss breakfast, and if possible to take your time and enjoy this essential meal.
  • Include some high quality protein with every meal and at the same time avoid fat. Foods like chicken or soy are examples of good protein sources.
  • When you eat meat pay special attention to the quality and method of preparation; for example, choose lean grilled fish over fatty fried meat.
  • Include a lot of fish in your diet!
  • Eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables. Avoid excess consumption of carbohydrate-rich side dishes such as rice, pasta and potatoes.
  • Give your body an "oil-change". Try to cut out fatty foods and instead include more quality oils such as olive or linseed. Substitute animal fats (meat, cheese) with a fish or nuts.
  • Drink a lot of water – about 2 litres spread throughout the day (i.e. not all at once). Fruit juices which are high in sugar should be avoided.
  • Supplement your diet with a good multivitamin.

START NOW and you'll immediately begin to feel more fit and revitalised

Now is the time to start eating well, for example a satisfying breakfast every day which is high in both protein and dietary fibre. Pass on the toast with jam and choose something delicious and good for you like yogurt, cheese, ham, salmon, eggs and wheat bread. It is also best to drink your tea or coffee without sweeteners. Use butter sparingly, or perhaps use a low-fat cheese spread instead. Drink plain tap water in high amounts. You'll feel fit and revitalised throughout the day.

Try to keep the above diet tips in mind every day. Soon you'll be feeling like a new person – and your skin will be more beautiful and noticeably healthier.

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