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Do something good for yourself and make time for exercise.
(06.05.2008) back

Regular physical activity brings back your vitality and increases your zest for life
Unfortunately the lifestyle of today includes less and less physical activity and more and more stress. It's well-known that this unhealthy combination can contribute to illness and a poor quality of life.

The amount of physical strain in the average working day seems to be on a steady decline while the amount of psychological strain is on the increase. This lack of balance is the cause of many illnesses. The stress that so many suffer from is only growing as technological advances in email, mobile phones and the internet demand even more of our attention. Physical activity is loosing out to sedentary work and the result is excess weight and obesity, cardiovascular disease and mental burnout (i.e. "burnout syndrome").

Our health tip:

Take steps to reverse this trend and include regular physical activity in your life. What exactly is regular physical activity? It means 3 times per week for at least 30 minutes at an intensity that fits your current physical condition – enough to moderately increase your heart rate. The point here is to devote your attention to the activity, whatever fun thing you choose to do, and not to consider the physical activity included in your work as a workout. When you incorporate this habit into your life, you'll find stress levels decrease instead of increase.

How can one add regular physical activity into an already overflowing schedule?

It's not as difficult as you think! Try the following helpful suggestions:

  • Decide on an endurance sport that fits your body type and personality. Be sure to consider your current physical condition and remember not to overdo it. Select a sport that you can do alone – then you don't have be concerned about finding a workout partner and scheduling conflicts. Here are some ideas:
    - hiking
    - jogging
    - bicycling
    - fitness classes (e.g. aerobics or dance)
    - walking at a quick pace, if possible close in a relaxing environment
  • Invest in proper equipment. This not only increases your motivation – it also makes whatever you're doing more fun.
  • Make a fixed plan regarding the when, where and how long of your new hobby. This makes it easier to integrate your activity into your daily schedule and to keep at it.
  • Seek out and have faith in expert advice. Professionals can help you develop a detailed training plan and can offer additional useful tips.
  • Now get to it! Be consistent avoid skipping a workout. It's your time.

You'll quickly notice an improvement in your fitness level, and along with it a return of vitality and increased zest for life. You'll feel more balanced and be more ready for the challenges of everyday life.

Healthy physical activity and diet along with emotional balance are truly the cornerstones of a long and healthy life. Do something good for yourself today!

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