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Holidays with Clean and Beautiful Skin
(22.07.2008) back
Enjoy your holidays with clean and healthy skin
Enjoy your holidays with clean and healthy skin
A deep cleansing of the skin with fangocur promotes clean and healthy skin
A deep cleansing of the skin with fangocur promotes clean and healthy skin
Summer skin can be bad skin due to a combination of increased production of sweat and the use of sun creams. A deep cleansing with fangocur promotes clean and healthy skin.

Summer can be very stressful for the skin. Sun and rain, varying levels of humidity and hot damp air all combine to put the metabolism of the skin to the test. The skin reacts with sweat and oil which can in turn block pores and sebaceous glands. This can lead to skin problems. The problem can become even worse when one is on vacation – the sun cream so important for protection from harmful UV rays may contain various chemical ingredients which irritate the skin.

Although one may really want to be more healthy and attractive during the summer holiday season, the skin may end up appearing irritated and unclean…possibly including acne, spots and blackheads. Summer skin can be too oily, tired-looking and unhealthy.

Stop summer skin problems in their tracks with a deep cleansing of the skin.

Our fangocur mineral masks contain the fango healing clay, well known for it's capacity to thoroughly clean the skin, normalise the metabolism, increases circulation in the tiny blood vessels of the skin and eliminates acne, spots, pimples and bad skin in general.

We recommend the following special summer treatment using the fangocur mineral masks:

An intensive treatment for existing problem skin and spots:

Use the fangocur mineral mask nightly for 7 days.

A normal treatment for more beautiful and younger looking skin:

Use the fangocur mineral mask every second day in the evening. A total of 5 treatments is suggested.

Here are the optimal summertime fangocur mineral masks:

Acne Mineral Mask for acne, spots, pimples, blackheads and problem skin.

Revitalising Mineral Mask to deeply cleanse oily, tired-looking or unhealthy skin.

TIP: The new mineral soaps from fangocur are ideal for daily use. The thoroughly yet gently clean summer skin. They are completely natural and can be used daily, morning and night.

Now is the time for a summer treatment with the mineral masks from fangocur. Enjoy your holidays!

You'll see and feel the positive effects after the very first use – clean, smooth and supple skin.

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