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Healthy Digestion in Only 7 Days
(03.02.2016) back
Restore your healthy digestion
A 7 day treatment brings your digestive system back into balance

Restore healthy digestion with Bentomed
Bentomed works quickly, making it optimal for a short-term concentrated treatment to bring your digestive system back into balance.

Natural health remedies like fango healing clay found in fangocur Bentomed have a big advantage: they help the body to heal itself, depending on the needs of each individual. It's well known that Bentomed from fangocur is an effective treatment for a variety of problems affecting the digestive system (e.g. gastritis, heartburn, peptic ulcers). Many don't know that because Bentomed is so fast-acting, you can also use it for an intensive 7 day treatment to bring the digestive system back into balance and so prevent digestive problems from occurring. The end result is restoration of the normal pH balance and whole-body detoxification. That means you'll feel more fit and healthy!

How does the 7 DAY INTENSIVE TREATMENT work to balance digestive function?

Day 1 and 2: Fight any existing inflammation by using the mineral-rich mild Bentomed drink (without the volcanic clay sediment)

You start the intensive treatment with a mild form of Bentomed. Simply mix three teaspoons of Bentomed powder into 1/4 glass of water and stir well. Let the drink steep overnight. In the morning stir your Bentomed drink again and then allow the sediment to settle for a few minutes. Pour the mild form of Bentomed into another glass – you'll drink this during the day at three specific times:

  • 1 part in the morning on an empty stomach
  • 1 part in the late morning about an hour before lunch (and at least an hour after your last meal)
  • 1 part in the evening shortly before going to bed

Day 3 and 4: Activate the digestive system and prepare for the detoxification/purification phase

For the next two days, drink Bentomed along with the healing clay sediment. Stir 1 teaspoon of Bentomed into a half glass of water and allow it to steep for at least 10 minutes. Before drinking stir again and drink it all, then drink a half glass of water. As above, this should be repeated three times per day: once in the early morning, once in the late morning, and once before going to bed.

Days 5, 6 and 7: Detoxify and purify the stomach and intestinal tract to improve digestion

During the final three days you'll be drinking Bentomed from fangocur in a very concentrated form. Add 2 well-rounded teaspoon of the Mineral Drink to a half glass of water. As before, allow the drink to steep for at least 10 minutes and then stir again and drink (with the healing clay sediment), then drink a half a glass of water. This should be repeated three times per day as described above.

TIP: If you notice that you react too strongly to the intensive cleansing, simply reduce the amount of Bentomed used. It will still be beneficial for the digestion if you just use, for example 1/2 teaspoon of Bentomed – we recommend that you then extend the third phase of the treatment by 2 days.

Start the 7-day quick treatment with Bentomed now – it's the way to healthier digestion:

Bentomed 200ml

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