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Effective Help with Bad Breath (Halitosis)
(01.05.2013) back
Quick help for bad breath
Bentomed MICRO from fangocur provides fast and dependable relief
Bentomed MICRO fights bad breath quickly and effectively
Bentomed MICRO is a medical product and contains only 100% natural ingredients

Many people suffer with bad breath but few talk openly about it. It is often the case that those who suffer with bad breath don't even know as one grows quickly accustomed to the smell.

You don't have to live with bad breath – there are many things you can do to treat this often embarrassing condition.

There are many causes for bad breath. Most commonly the cause is excessive bacteria in the mouth and/or throat, or some sort of digestive problem (e.g. stomach catarrh, acid reflux, excessive stomach acidity, etc.).

The result: bad breath caused by problems with the digestive system become a thing of the past.

Bentomed MICRO provides fast and dependable relief from bad breath and also works to prevent halitosis.

Regular use of Bentomed MICRO means bad breath doesn't have a chance.

How does Bentomed MICRO fight bad breath?

1. Bentomed MICRO lessens inflammation of the gums as well as the mouth and throat

The fango healing clay contained in fangocur Bentomed MICRO fights inflammation of the gums, mouth and throat. This helps to prevent the accumulation of bacteria.

2. Bentomed MICRO is anti-bacterial – i.e. it kills harmful microorganisms.

Bentomed MICRO contains silica and a variety of important minerals. These unique ingredients kill harmful bacteria in the mouth and throat, helping to restore a normal and healthy environment.

3. Bentomed MICRO encourages normal digestive function

The foul smelling metabolic waste products found in the intestines are bound and passed in the stool. Excessive acid in the stomach and intestines is also bound. The normal acid-base balance is restored and the digestive system is regenerated, preventing bad breath by promoting healthy digestion.

Bentomed MICRO

  • quickly eliminates harmful bacteria colonies in the mouth and throat
  • promotes the healing of inflamed tissue, for example swollen gums
  • absorbs foul smelling metabolic waste products in the gastrointestinal tract
  • normalises digestive function
  • encourages a healthy environment in the mouth and throat

fangocur Bentomed MICRO

fangocur Bentomed MICRO x2 (Double Pack)

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