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Anti-Aging for the Skin - Visibly More Beautiful Skin After the Very First Use
(22.10.2008) back


The fangocur Anti-Aging Mask contains a very special blend of natural essential oils which work in combination with our fango clay to fight wrinkles and the premature aging of the skin. You'll see amazing effects after the first use!

The fangocur Anti-Aging Mask has been especially developed to limit the wrinkling and loss of elasticity of the skin which happens with age. This mineral mask is especially beneficial for those who've perhaps not done so much to take care of their skin until now.

What exactly is the anti-aging effect of the fangocur Anti-Aging Mask?

Many notable benefits such as deep cleansing, lessening of inflammation, normalising of the skin's metabolism, detoxification, pH-balancing and the anti-microbial effects have already been described. In addition, the special clay used in the Anti-Aging Mineral Mask from fangocur has the following unique combination of anti-aging effects:

  • Increasing oxygenation of the tissue along with improving circulation.
  • The minerals and trace elements work to support the function of the fascia, thus maintaining and improving the elasticity of the skin.
  • Sulphur and other ingredients (minerals, electrolytes, trace elements) have anti-oxidant effects on the skin and so limit the influence of free radicals on the skin cells.
  • An exclusive blend of selected natural plant oils further increases the effectiveness of the mask – their small molecular weight means that they can easily penetrate the skins surface and thus also benefit the fascia (connective tissue), lymph system, muscles and circulatory system.

What are the visible results of all these healthy benefits?

Even after the very first use the fangocur Anti-Aging Mask naturally improves skin tone. The function of the fascia, the matrix of supportive tissue beneath the skin, is enhanced and improved. This effectively eliminates subtle wrinkles and makes deeper wrinkles less visible. The overall elasticity of the skin is improved. A sign of youth is healthy elasticity of the skin, particularly that of the face and neck. The complexion is immediately freshened and invigorated, making the skin look years younger. All of these unique effects are 100% natural – like all the Mineral Masks from fangocur.

Experience the anti-aging effects of the fangocur Anti-Aging Mask.

fango healing clay (Gossendorf Fango), water
natural blend of pure essential oils: rose, neroli, frankinsense, vetiver, ylang-ylang

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