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Gentle yet Thorough Peeling with a Natural fangocur Sponge
(28.10.2008) back


The natural sea sponges from fangocur are an important part of our treatment program. A natural and thorough peeling is a vital part of deep skin cleansing.

The skin has to contend with many harmful substances from outside and in, and these can block the pores – an optimal environment for bacteria. Healthy skin is easy to recognise, with a clean surface and open pores allowing the natural functioning of the skin.

In addition to all the harmful substances which collect on the skin, dead skin cells can also accumulate.

All this can add up to a sometimes overwhelming challenge for the skin. Some gentle help can work wonders – a soft peeling.

Using the fangocur Natural Sea Sponge you can easily free your skin of dead skin cells naturally. Used to remove one of our unique Fangocur Mineral Masks, the natural sponge helps to softly slough off and remove dead skin. For this special treatment, no harmful chemicals are applied to the skin – a genuine sea sponge from fangocur is ideal for this gentle cleansing task.

Our sponges are natural so their very soft and have especially fine pores. No synthetic sponge is as soft and gentle as a natural sponge from the depths of the ocean. The sponges from fangocur are also not chemically treated – they contain no industrial chemicals which could irritate the skin. The fine pores provide a gentle massage for the skin and also help to stimulate circulation.

These two effects combined - the gentle peeling and massaging of the skin – provide a unique experience for the skin that no normal peeling can match!

We recommend using one of our Mineral Masks in combination with the natural sea sponge from fangocur once or twice per week.

It's an ideal and lasting way to keep the skin fresh and revitalised…you'll simply look better!

Enjoy a natural and gentle skin peeling with the unique double effect:

fangocur Natural Sea Sponge (Face)

fangocur Natural Sea Sponge (Body)

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