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HOLIDAY SPECIAL: AloeVera Mineral Soap 3-Pack Sale
(01.12.2008) back

Softer and more supple with our AloeVera Mineral Soap
Softer and more supple with our AloeVera Mineral Soap
Just in time for Christmas, we're offering our AloeVera Mineral Soap 3-pack at a very special price. Save £4 and share the perfect holiday gift: a unique all-natural soap from fangocur.

The AloeVera Mineral Soap combines the healthy benefits of fango volcanic clay with the healing power of aloe vera. The aloe vera and our proven healing clay work together to deep clean the skin and at the same time reduce inflammation.

After each use of the AloeVera Mineral Soap the skin feels softer and more supple. When used regularly it freshens the complexion and promotes healthy skin.

The most gentle way to clean the skin is the use of healing clay in the form of an all-natural soap. Soap is one of the first products mass produced by man – of course long ago soap was made with only natural ingredients. Our special fango healing clay contains quality natural ingredients like sulphur, minerals and electrolytes. The fine particles of healing clay contained in the soap fight inflammation, and even after washing with the AloeVera Soap from fangocur a thin layer of minerals remains on the skin. You get lasting protection and healthier skin.

The AloeVera Mineral Soap helps to balance the pH of the subcutaneous layer of the skin leading to a deep moisturising of the skin which can last for several hours. This allows the natural water-oil layer on the skin to normalise and better protect the skin from drying.

In contrast to the many skin cleansing products available on the market today, washing with the AloeVera Mineral Soap from fangocur will not dry the skin. It helps to prevent the formation of spots and pimples as well as fighting redness and inflammation!

Take advantage of this special holiday offer and order now!

AloeVera Mineral Soap (3 pack)
Normal price £23.80. Now only £19.80 – a savings of £4!

This special offer expires on 7 December 2008.

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