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Fit and Healthy in the Winter Months: Great Tips for the Cooler Months!
(17.11.2008) back
Fit and healthy in the autumn and winter
Fit and healthy in the autumn and winter

The body has to adapt to the challenges of the colder winter months as the days seem to get shorter and shorter. Here are some helpful hints for staying healthy in the fall and winter.

Just as nature seems to slow its pace in preparation for the winter so too should we also get ready for the colder winter months. Specifically, the body has to contend with the following challenges:

  • a reduction in daylight hours and sunlight exposure
  • cold and wet air place higher strain on the respiratory system
  • a higher prevalence of virus (e.g. influenza) attacks on the immune system

Additionally the time around the holidays naturally seems to include more stress, often both at home and at work. All these factors push the immune system, and it's up the us to maintain our health during this busy time.

We'd like to offer a few tips for staying healthy through the winter months, allowing you to enjoy your holidays more:

1. Get outside and exercise in the fresh air.
It's a good idea to get as much outdoor exercise as possible, even in the colder and wetter months of the year. This helps to maintain healthy lung function. Going for a hike, a run or even just a walk around the neighbourhood can help to encourage the immune system. The change from a warm indoor climate to the cool outdoors stimulates the body's defences. If you can manage to include some physical activity in an otherwise sedentary work day, you'll both feel better and look better. The resulting increase in stamina also helps the body to resist illness.

2. Get some light to pick up your mood.
When its light outside leave the blinds open and let in the precious winter sunlight. Also it's ideal to wait until dusk to begin using electric lighting when possible. Light exposure has a big influence on your mood as well a immune function. Levels of serotonin, a hormone responsible for mood regulation, can fall during times of decreased natural light exposure.

3. Take time to relax, preferably every day.
Make sure that you get enough downtime for relaxation. Stress and exhaustion can weaken the immune system which makes it easier for you to catch a cold or flu. Try to limit your stress level and take time out for you, for example read a good book, listen to music or enjoy a good meal.

4. Get enough sleep.
As the body needs more energy in the fall and winter, more sleep is a natural requirement. Listen when your body tells you that it's time for rest. The immune system can better regenerate during phases of deep sleep.

5. Shower warm and cold in the morning to keep the immune system fit.
By alternating the shower temperature from warm to cold, you increase the metabolism and encourage the body's natural heating mechanisms. This also improves venous function, stimulates healthy circulation and strengthens the nervous and immune systems.

An additional measure for preserving good health, especially around the holidays, is purification and detoxification!

Eat a proper diet including a good amount of fruits and vegetables, and drink at least 2 litres of water every day. It's also a good time for the fangocur Mineral Drink.

The mineral drink cleanses and detoxifies, helping the body to regulate and normalise metabolism. We recommend a 3 week treatment with the Mineral Drink…just in time for Christmas!

Start a fangocur Mineral Drink treatment and get ready for the holiday season:

fangocur Mineral Drink

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