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What is eczema and how can it be effectively treated?
(12.01.2009) back
Be rid of the inflammation and stop the itch
Be rid of the inflammation and stop the itch
The eczema heals more quickly, promoting a return to healthy skin
The eczema heals more quickly, promoting a return to healthy skin

Skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis are becoming more and more common. Today we'd like to provide you with information on the causes of and treatment possibilities for these often itchy skin problems.

The symptoms of eczema are generally very similar. It begins with a reddening and swelling (oedema) of the skin and then small blisters form. These blisters then begin to release fluid which in turn forms a scaly crust.

Eczema is also called dermatitis when it is in its acute phase. If the skin condition is recurring it is then referred to as chronic eczema. It's of course also possible that multiple phases occur simultaneously, for example reddening of the skin in some areas while in others the hard itchy crust has already formed. The main problem associated with eczema is the intense itching. The skin condition itself as well as scratching can damage the skin and so make it more prone to bacterial or fungal infection, which in turn increases fluid production by the skin. It's a viscous cycle.

There are always triggers for eczema. A trigger for the skin condition can be external (exogenous) or internal (endogenous). When the cause of the condition is outside the body the condition is known as contact eczema or more commonly contact dermatitis. Contact dermatitis can be brought on by contact with an allergen (i.e. allergic eczema) or contact with a skin irritant – this is the most common type of contact eczema.

If the cause of the condition is internal the condition is called atopic eczema or atopic dermatitis.

The Curative Mineral Mask from fangocur is an effective and natural way to fight stubborn eczema.

Simply apply the Curative Mineral Mask to the skin, allow it to work for 20-30 minutes and then wash it off. The Curative Mineral Mask is a comprehensive eczema treatment:

1. Anti-inflammatory action

Skin inflammation (odiedema) is quickly resolved and the results last. This encourages the healing process.

2. Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial action

You can depend on the Curative Mineral Mask to kill bacteria, harmful micro-organisms and fungus. As they are often the cause of the viscous cycle of skin damage and infection, the eczema symptoms are lessened and the cycle is broken.

3. Soothing effect, lessening the itching and allowing the skin to heal

The Mineral Mask contains a unique combination of active ingredients such as sulphur, silica, iron, magnesium, aluminium, calcium, potassium and many trace elements. They put a stop to the often intense itching, and the combination of specially selected and naturally pure essential oils enhances the soothing effect. This promote healing and encourages the skin to return to its normal and healthy condition.

You'll find further information about eczema and dermatitis here.
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