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Naturally Detoxify the Body Now
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Purification, detoxification and neutralisation of excess acid
Bentomed supports the body's natural cleansing and detoxifying processes
Intestinal cleansing and restoration of normal digestive function
Simply essential for every household – Bentomed
A thorough and natural cleansing and detoxification is not only beneficial for the intestinal tract. It's healthy for the entire body and helpful in preventing a variety of illnesses.

The body requires many things to maintain good health.

The human body takes in sunlight, oxygen, nutrients and many other things from the environment. Unfortunately along with these essentials, useless and possibly harmful substances can be simultaneously absorbed from the environment. Do to unprecedented levels of industrialisation worldwide, it's becoming more and more likely that the body is simply overwhelmed with the amount of unhealthy material that it has to process and eliminate.

One of the body's systems most affected by these harmful environmental substances is the digestive system, specifically the stomach and intestinal tract.

The industrial processing of many foodstuffs may lead to the absorption of various toxins and this can stress the body. The body's organs can be strained beyond their capacity to adapt, meaning that they may be unable to completely process and eliminate the harmful substances. The result can be imbalance and/or dysfunction of normal metabolic or digestive function. This can lead to a variety of skin ailments, allergies, stomach or intestinal difficulties, general malaise, diminished immune function and many other health problems.

This is one reason that today more than ever a healthy and well-tested remedy is needed, specifically an effective means to purify and detoxify the body. A major part of such treatment should ideally be the cleansing, rebalancing and neutralisation of acid of the intestinal tract. Fango healing clay performs this valuable function very well. It's more and more to find articles about this unique substance in health-related literature. It's often described as an excellent remedy useful in cleansing and detoxification as well as restoring the body's normal pH level. Even in books written hundreds of years ago one can find mention of the acid neutralising, detoxifying and purifying effects of healing clay, along with descriptions of its use in intestinal cleansing and the restoration of normal digestive and metabolic function.

Purification, detoxification, restoration of proper pH as well and intestinal cleansing and promotion of normal digestive function with Bentomed from fangocur.

Bentomed is well-known as it has been shown to be very effective in detoxification, purification and acid neutralisation. This is due to the unique physical properties (e.g. an ability to absorb toxins due to the clay's positive electrical charge and high storage capacity) in combination with very special chemical properties (regulation of metabolism as well as anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects due to uniquely high natural concentrations of substances such as sulphur, silica, calcium, magnesium, manganese and aluminium). You'll quickly notice positive results when you use Bentomed from fangocur – namely improvements in skin problems such as acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and cellulite as well as relieving digestive problems like gastritis, stomach ulcers and ulcers of the intestinal tract. Generally feeling better as well as improved immune function are other common effects of fangocur Bentomed.

Bentomed from fangocur has become one of our most beloved products. It's essential on-hand remedy for every household. Try it for yourself – you'll be surprised with its ability to promote healing naturally.

Cleanse and detoxify with Bentomed – you'll find it here:

Bentomed 200ml
Bentomed 2x200ml (double pack)

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