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Clear Complexion with Our Facial Masks
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The complexion is especially vulnerable to environmental influences. Dirt and dust particles penetrate deeply into the skin, becoming imbedded in the pores and limiting their functioning. Only regular deep cleansing of the skin can help. Remember: most common skin cleaning products only clean the surface of the skin. The Mineral Masks from fangocur are different. The special way the masks work means that they clean even the deepest layers of the skin, preventing skin problems like spots, pimples and inflammation.

Common skin cleansing products and soaps are not the ideal way to free the skin of stubborn dirt particles. They only work at the surface.

The mineral masks from fangocur clean the skin, from the deeper layers to the surface.

The naturally pure mineral masks increase the circulation and elevate the metabolism of the skin. In this way, dirt and waste products are transported to the surface of the skin. The mineral mask then absorbs these unwanted materials – a deep cleaning which reduces stress on the skin and thus promotes a beautifully healthy glow.

Cleaner and more beautiful skin – use a mask once per week for more lasting benefits!

  • You'll see the effects immediately, even after the very first use
  • Rids the skin of dirt particles and other contaminants
  • Works naturally to promote healthy skin

Now is the time to clean your skin from inside out with one of the proven effective mineral masks from fangocur:

Relax Mineral Mask
for oily skin

Revitalizing Mineral Mask
for dry skin, normal skin and combination skin

Anti-Aging Mineral Mask
for skin affected by aging and to decrease wrinkles

Acne Mineral Mask
for acne, rosacea, spots, pimples, blackheads and bad skin

Curative Mineral Mask
for inflamed skin

Support the cleaning, purifying and detoxification of your skin from the inside-out with Bentomed. Using Bentomed results in less harmful substance from the digestive and circulatory system being transported to the skin, thus further improving the condition of the skin.

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