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A Summer Without Problem Zones!
(18.04.2009) back
The fangocur Cellulite Pack increases circulation and activates the skin's metabolism
Smooth and toned skin for the warm summer months ahead

The summertime is fast approaching and the sins of the past winter might be all too apparent in the problem zones: the hips and the derrière. Start now with a cleansing and purification of the skin – use fangocur to get a head start on your fight against cellulite.

Everyone wants to be in good shape for the summer. In order to reach the goals you have for your warm weather figure, now is the time to start. A healthy diet as well as regular exercise are both important, but these healthy steps are often not enough to remove metabolic waste products and excess fluid from the connective tissue and skin.

The fangocur Anti-Cellulite Clay Pack increases the circulation and normalises the metabolism of the connective tissue.

This leads to a noticeable smoothing and toning of the skin. The waste products can be transported away from the tissue via the circulatory and lymph systems. That's the way to fight cellulite and achieve quick and visible improvement.

For many years the Anti-Cellulite Clay Pack from fangocur has been used in the finest beauty centres to successfully treat cellulite.

The fancgocur Cellulite Pack has stood the test of time and has gained the admiration of those who use it. Just one example is the Parade Thermal Spa – its Aqua Dome facility has been using the proven fangocur Anti-Cellulite Clay Pack for years.

Now is the time to start your 6 week fangocur Anti-Cellulite Clay Pack treatment (1-2 applications per week) in the comfort of your own home:

fangocur Anti-Cellulite Clay Pack  
Only £45.50 for 2x100ml!
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