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Even Dry Skin Benefits from a Thorough Cleansing
(09.05.2009) back


When one suffers with dry skin, it's easy to forget the importance of cleansing. Even though the skin may not appear dirty, contaminants as well as metabolic waste products can still be found beneath the surface of the skin.

Without a doubt, all types of skin need a regular deep cleansing. A deep cleaning is crucial; not only a washing of the skin's surface but also removal of impurities lurking below the surface of the skin.

Really cleaning the skin is about more than a surface washing. Impurities under the skin must also be eliminated.

This is especially important for dry skin as, in contrast to oily skin, the natural elimination process can be inactive. In order to clean the skin deep down, the skin needs to be revitalized; that is to say the metabolism of the skin needs some encouragement. The fangocur Revitalizing Mineral Mask is an ideal way to reinvigorate the skin.

To deep clean dry skin, it's essential to activate the metabolism of the skin; i.e. the skin first needs to be revitalized.

Through an increase in the metabolic activity of the skin as well as increased circulation, the ability of the skin to clean itself is activated. The skin becomes more radiant and beautiful after only 1-2 applications.

After only a few applications, you'll see an improvement in your skin's appearance: more radiant, cleaner and more beautiful!

Now is the time to start your weekly deep cleansing treatments:
(1-2 applications per week)

Revitalizing Mineral Mask
for dry skin and normal skin

Relax Mineral Mask
for oily skin and combination skin
Anti-Aging Mineral Mask
to decrease the signs of aging (e.g. wrinkles)
Acne Mineral Mask
for acne, rosacea, pimples, black heads and 'bad skin'
Curative Mineral Mask
for inflamed skin
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